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Tori Roze and The Hot Mess / Press

“..if you think Turbulence is a rehash of what grandma grooved to while she burned her bra, you’ve got another thing coming. There is not a whiff of patchouli or tie-dye in this disk of eight songs. There is no effort to recreate the psycho funk of Sly Stone or mini soul symphonies of Earth Wind and Fire. You will not hear a guitar with a wah wah pedal. The screaming Hammond B3 organ has been dropped as well. This is soul for today: tight, sophisticated, and up-to-date...Roze is a powerhouse of a vocalist with a take-no-prisoners approach. She will advance or retard a phrase, playing with the rhythm of the tune. Roze also stretches the limits of her voice, pulling out all the stops for a full-on vocal assault. Clearly, she is willing to test herself and test some extremes. She is also willing to test her listeners. I’m not sure if I wanted to go everywhere she was going, but I’m really glad that she wanted to take me there.”

“Tori Roze Wraps a Love Blanket Around San Diego's Soul.”

“Local songbird Tori Roze has a very particular set of pipes with an onstage flair that’s second to none.”

“Sweet Serendipity: UCSC grad Tori Roze makes triumphant return with jazz/R&B outfit The Hot Mess!”

“Is Tori Roze The Next Voice?”

“SAN DIEGO -- NBC San Diego last week created a competition that pitted local musicians against each other for the exciting opportunity to move forward and try out for the new hit show, "The Voice." The artists chosen to go up against each other were: Miss Erika Davies, Ashley Matte, Stevie Harris, Marie Haddad, The Ambassador, Greg Gibson, Matt Commerce, Alyssa Jacey, Jesse Lamonaca and Tori Roze...The five...to move forward and represent NBC San Diego are: Tori Roze, Ashley Matte, Matt Commerce, Alyssa Jacey and Greg Gibson...”

“...they are not just any studio band and have the chops to perform live...I awaited as the curtains opened up. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the sultry voice of Tori Roze and the soulful melody of The Hot Mess...Besides having an amazing voice, she plays the trumpet and has the showmanship with a little swag on stage which, is the whole package...Their album, From the Hip... Overall, a definite listen from beginning to end.”

“Tori Roze has a big voice. With a set of pipes that powerful, she could crack safes, cause hurricanes, or devour Tokyo. But luckily for San Diego, she uses that voice as a force for good, tirelessly treating fans to her sultry mix of blues and soul. Along with her backing band, The Hot Mess, Roze can be heard around town covering everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to MGMT, or wowing audiences with cuts from her own arsenal of swanky originals. Her talent hasn’t fallen on deaf ears — the song “Sweet Drank” was recently featured as a Tim Pyles Local Member of the Day selection and she was nominated for Best Acoustic Act at last year’s San Diego Music Awards. Tori Roze and The Hot Mess have a slew of gigs lined up...Playing all those shows requires plenty of stamina and dedication...”

“In December Tori and her band released their debut CD, From The Hip, and although she calls herself a true "soul singer" she can deliver torch like nobody's business and did just that ending the set with her ballad "I Try" bringing everyone up to their feet.”

“TORI ROZE AND THE HOT MESS From the Hip Hearing Tori Roze’s sultry voice for the first time is like learning that Santa Claus isn’t real: It absolutely breaks your heart. Roze seduces you with her Erykah Badu-esque flair, and just when you think she can’t be any smoother, she claws her way into your ears with her rocking roars. While her band is clearly most comfortable playing blues-rock, they show their versatility in “Shanghai Sue.” With its steady walking bass line and ominous horns, the track transports you straight into a 1940s detective flick. Interestingly enough, the backup vocals are provided by Lee Clark, Roze’s mom, a fine singer in her own right who augments “Tick Tock” with rhythmic glottal stops and tongue clicks. Knowing that Mom is around when Roze bares her soul with lines about “injecting love into one’s veins,” the emotional pull of this record is that much stronger. myspace.com/toriroze —Sean Michael Delizo”

"San Diego's Funky Songstress: Tori Roze"

Tim Pyles - FM 94.9 On Air

"Tori Roze's voice gives me fierce goose bumps. She grooves with soul, style and just enough rock to let you know she's serious."

Cathryn Beeks - Listen Local SD

““If Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Pink, and Adele were all to get together,you’d get the essence of our sound. Bottom line: we like to put some stank on it."”

Jay Allen Sanford - San Diego Reader

“Ranging from the Joss Stone-ish "Sweet Drank" to the 1990s Taylor Dane dance-anthem style of "Like a Rockstar," Tori Roze is both gritty and soulful. Apparently she subscribes to the MC Hammer school of break-ups, as she sings in "Bet's Off": "You're just trying to make me jealous/Better try harder 'cause nobody can touch this." Her tortured yet self-confident style makes this songstress too legit, too legit to quit. ”

Enrique Limon - San Diego City Beat