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“The Tommy Gang- This includes everyone who is a fan, friend, family member, or even hater. You might hate to say it, you might love to say it, either way... You're part of the Tommy Gang. I spend my life making music to help Gods people. I aim to inspire them, and hopefully help them cope with problems I may have been through. I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has supported. I promise good things are going to come from me, and Salt Lake City!”

“Brighton rapper Tommy Bronkowski rocked the stage at the school talent show Jan. 17. But Bronkowski, who goes by the stage name "Tommy B", is far from new to the game. Bronkowski's love of rap came from growing up in Detroit, which has a huge hip-hop scene. He started rapping at the age of 12, and his first show was at a coffee shop in Downtown Salt Lake City when he was 14. "I sucked back then, but I still did it" Bronkowski says, "And people cheered because I was so young." Since then, he has signed with record label Penalty Box Recordings and is steadily building his fan base... Bronkowski lists Eminem, Macklemore, and Spose among his favorite artists, and says he gets inspiration for his rhymes from his personal life experiences... Bronkowski is grateful for the support of his friends, and the "Tommy Gang," his closest friends and fans. "I live for the Tommy Gang. I rap to inspire the people that support me." ... (Article continued in BHS BARB, February 2013 edition)”

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“This E.P is NOT professionally produced. it's an extended play of songs Tommy Bronkowski and Tanner Raimer wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered themselves. "All of the vocals were recorded on a Karaoke Microphone in a small home studio. The purpose of this E.P is to show that NO MATTER WHAT your circumstances are, if you have the desire to create music/art, you can, even with very limited equipment." Bronkowski has a varying subject matter on this E.P, covering anywhere from partying, to Salt Lake City, to his famous "Tommy Gang". He says, "I love the differing subjects, but my all time favorite is Christina The Barista. She's the prettiest (imaginary) girl I have EVER SEEN" The Karaoke E.P drops on 2-20-13 for only $5. It is an 11 track CD that can be purchased directly from Tommy B, or Dj MisteR-Aimer. ”

Tommy Bronkowski and Tanner Raimer - The Karaoke E.P