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tommie brewster / Press

“I can't enough of your stuff//I hear you in my sleep//You're always in the shadows//taking my heart to keep//You've got a lot of blue notes and they always get to me//How come listening to your blues brings out the soul in me -”

“Where to begin? A heavenly voice and heavenly piano and songwriting to drive it. I have had the pleasure of being a Tommie Brewster fan for quite some time. Many of the tracks that are on this release I have heard before but it is an excellent compilation of Tommie's singles. Songs about love lost, love found, and love that is here. Does it get any better? Tommie makes such cool use out of many more intruments than just the piano, the lyrics are touching and deep and the voice is stellar. "Since You Moved On" is a perfect example, just a soulful song, The album title track is very well put together, played and mixed, just stunning. Then there are the songs I hadn't heard before, "My Hero, My Mother" brought tears to my eyes, "Silver Lining" has such a simple melody yet such a powerful message. Buy this album folks.”

“A very beautiful song Tommie and your voice is heavenly on this....the lyric will reach out to many that have lost loved ones in this finite lifetime of ours as human beings. A very touching song with a performance to match the best! Farrell”

“Tommie always such a delightful listen....Great artist.”

“Tommie Brewster....What can I say..... Unique and outstanding...in my top list without a doubt!!! Just fabulous”

“Demelia Denton To sit back relax and listen to Tommie Brewster is the most wonderful journey in sound...Close your eyes and drift into the beauty.... sensational...”

“You are a inspiration, love, light, loving, kind, fun,talented, beautiful soul. I am honored blessed to have you in my life, watch you grow, and continue towards more of your dreams, goals, and go yay for you! Many blessings”

“You are a new day Carole King. Awesome!”

“Absolutely beautiful track here Tommie! Love all of the textures in this, and the piano and vocals are top notch as always”

“Absolutely a beautiful song~ sung by one beautiful lady!! Truly you have such a special gift~ thank you for sharing!”

“Beautiful.....songwriting....music and vocals are fantastic...!! Well done Tommie...***** all my best, ~wolf~”

“I just adore the smooth passion in your voice, Tommie~ Down to earth, loving, heartfelt truths~ written & sung by one of the finests female singers I have heard. This is a beautiful song, just beautiful!! Can you give me some vocal lessons, Tommie? hehe... =Bravo=”

“Queen of the blues~ you did it again!! =Bravo=”

“When I hear a new song from Tommie Brewster I think, this has to be my favorit...... and then I hear the next one..... and then the one after that. Thats what Tommie has, the ability to captivate your mind and heart with her seductive voice. Her new album 'My Own Shades Of Blue' is everything you would expect from Tommie and more. I often ask myself, can it get any better? The answer is always 'Yes'! Tommie Brewster has arrived..... the world knows it...... do you? Checkout this album, you wont be disappointed...... Bob Birch, Late Night Presenter, Venture Radio UK ”

“6th December 2012 “My Own Shade of Blue” is the latest album from Tommie Brewster & one of her best. Tommie’s voice is smooth & seductive like the finest chocolate & everyone will want more, more, more. Tommie draws you into her music, making you really listen to her lyrics. Her voice is the main feature of every song & not competing with instrumentals. It’s a perfect blend, showcasing her voice to perfection. Congratulations Tommie, discerning music lovers will make this a cd to remember. Wendy Rudin Music Reviewer ”

“Once again - another masterpiece from New Zealands (and one of the world's) greatest songwriters - Tommie Brewster. This isn't the first album I've bought from Tommie nor will it be my last. Tommie puts so much of herself into each and every song - and hearing is believing. Tommie is one of only a handful of songwriters that I've ever come across that has the ability to write each song she composes to read like a great novel. When you listen to Tommie's songs - you not only hear her words - you see them play out right before your eyes. The music world is very fortunate to have songwriters like Tommie Brewster. Thanks again Tommie for another brilliant masterpice!...”

“Tommie's handling of blues is not typical but the exception. Her blues is fashioned in a fusion/eclectic complexity incorporating jazz, swing and easy listening elements along with her classical styling into a blues version that only Tommie can bring. As she creates in the universal theme of relationships and love and heartbreak, these set of songs are quite emotional to the nth degree. Her haunting vocals along with her exceptional compositions are especially meant for the listener to be empathetic with the mood and expressions. Tommie creates an atmosphere of relevance in heartfelt emotions and each song is soulfully executed. Key tracks on this album are "Cry Some More", "Power To Hurt Me", "Shouldn't Be Here", "Is It Now", "This Waiting Game". I was quite impressed with this album as the songs are the epitome of real life. "My Own Shade Of Blue" is the combination of high quality lryical content along with high quality compositions resulting in an expressive and impressionist”

“It is true, this is wonderful music. Great playing, great writing, great singing, and heart wrenching lyrics. Those lips sing such sweet melodies in this lifetime. Don't walk away, please stay around, and play some more for us.”

“Tommy, you serve up emotion and heart with this personal song and lovely performance. Holding back the tears while listening, I must say~ Beautiful, beautiful sorrow... : =Bravo=”

“Cry Some More? You're right, Tommie... Well, almost right. You said I might like it, but I love it. :-) Beautifully done, my friend. kooder”

“Cry Some More - A wonderful track, Tommie. The delivery, the songwriting, the total sincerity of the piece simply blew me away... as usual.”

“Cry Some More!!! Tommie, I always enjoy a keyboard based song when it's done with anywhere near the excellence as this one. Your vocals are so vulnerable, emotional and beautiful. They make me want to reach out and hug you to make it better :) Fine song indeed. ”

“Your song 'Shouldn't Be Here' - As always Tommie, absolutely beautiful, thoughtful and emotional piece right here. I absolutely love this song!”

“Tommie is one of those Creative Wizards that Really is a Breath of Fresh Air!!”

“Tommie Brewster is a gem of a person and a really great writer/ singer!”

“Thank you Tommie! Played all ur tunes. Magnificent work. Earth Cry, great tune and message. All the best”

SR1 Project - Reverbnation............

“She's talented, compassionate and beautiful inside and out with the most wonderful spirit. The music of Tommie Brewster is timeless and when you search through her catalog of songs you find there's something there for every occasion of your life. Tommie Brewster is a constant presence here at this network and she's made a great impact on members with her music and work. Please stop by Tommie Brewster's beautiful profile page for more great details on this international entertainer. There you will also find links to her top radio shows, online sites and Tommie Brewster's official website. I also recommend you checkout her great music online. I truly love this lady and what she stands for..... **Perfection**”

“You know what? I can be stressed to HELL and back. Then Tommie Brewster comes on air and.....the world seems to be a better place! http://fortmyersradio.us/”

“Tommie Brewster 'In The Making' is a totally unique album. Nowhere else will you find a blend of fantasy and mystique together with a musical genius and a voice, from the very first word, you cant resist. From 'I Cant Leave You Alone' to 'You Put Your Hands On Me' and continuing your musical journey to 'Your A Liar' you will be left in awe. Yes, Tommie Brewster has arrived and I for one am pleased to be here from the start. Sit back and enjoy, you wont be disappointed. ”

“Tommie Brewster's "In The Making" CD has got to be what heaven would actually sound like. Each note that Tommie has woven into her beautuiful songs are meticulously thought out. Tommie pours her heart and soul into this wonderful and full-filling masterpiece of finally crafted ballads as only she can do. When you purchase one of Tommie Brewster's CD's or singles - you can be sure that you are also purchasing a piece of heaven. ”

“Tommie Brewster's album cd "In The Making" is an array of "life lived" rather than "life observed". Tommie's lyrics have the intimacy of a personal conversation & her music has a universal flow. Tommie's ability to capture the listener from the very beginning of each song is a testament of her talent & creative abilities. Within each song on this cd is a plethora of stylings which colalesce into a new musical experience which few artists dare to tread and is an additional entertainment factor for the listener. Tommie's vocal styling combines power yet soothingness which is transcendental. Her well placed vibratos, cuts and sustains gives her songs plenty of dimension and is fashioned in an untraditional blues/jazz/world fusion styling with added soulful expression. ”

“You can count on Tommie Brewster to bring you genuine, heartfelt ballads, and "In The Making" is no exception. This collection of silky, soulful sounds and uplifting tracks delivers a range of nightime mood-setters and morning start-your-day-off-right lyrics that anyone can relate to -- and feel good about. Where has Tommie been hiding all these years? So proud to feature Tommie on Here Women Talk! ~Kay Van Hoesen Founder, HereWomenTalk.com social radio network ”

"Please checkout The music of my featured member Tommie Brewster, some of the best music in the world & online! This is the kind of music that touch the heart & soul , plus it also inspires you! Again Checkout Tommie Brewster...Great Artist, that's makin a positive impact on music around the world" Your life, & stories made a great impact here & around the world & you continue to touch people far & near! "

“In the last 4 years or so I have met many musicians, singers, writers, composers and arrangers, but every now and again, I have come across a soul in it for the sake of the music. The most recent being Tommie Brewster. Let’s hear it for Queen of the Blues of New Zealand Ms Tommie Brewster ”

“Hey Tommie love your music hun. Makes me want to close my eyes and let go ~smiles~ ”

“Hello Tommie, thanks for blessing my Music & Films Network with your music! Everytime i stop by your beautiful page there & hear you singing the song Earth Cry it touches my heart! I love your voice....Thanks for sharing your music with me & my Network....I also posted the Feature story up there (I want everyone to see it)....”

“I know the feeling...excellent new blues...Great song...great performance... You're A Liar”

“Love the 'feelings' expressed in this song!! Great work!! Can't Leave You Alone”

“It is true, this is wonderful music. Great playing, great writing, great singing, and heart wrenching lyrics. Those lips sing such sweet melodies in this lifetime. Don't walk away, please stay around, and play some more for us. Song Name: Won't See Me For Dust ”

“Tommie, you are deserving of every accolade you receive and more. I'm so grateful our paths have crossed. Not only are you an incredibly talented musician, you're also an extraordinarily kind person and as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. You get what you give. No wonder you're loved by so many!”

“Well well well the pleasure is ours, you and your music are a great sample of talent, we are very proud to have you between our friends and my ears a really luck to be able to enjoy your music and the music of the rest of our Artist of the Week all you guys really are a joy to the ears. Thanks Tommie”

“New Zealand’s Tommie Brewster brings a beautiful voice and a blues sensibility to her music. Songs like “Won’t See Me For Dust”, “Break It to Me Gently”, and “How Wrong Could I Be” make you want to sit in a saloon with a drink and listen to Tommie sing all night long. How much we’d love to fly across the world and watch her perform! Till then, listen to her on IMRadio! MC Rydel”

" We here at IMRadio have ninteen of Tommie Brewster's outstanding songs in our radio rotation. We have fun airing all of Tommie's music! You too can enjoy Tommie Brewster's music here on IMRadio! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician"

“Gonzalo Arzamendi It has being a pleasure to have you as Arzuk Artist of the Week with that great song Eartcry really great and many complements to that song we got from our friends Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity to set your song on our progra Arzuk Artist of the Week. ”

“It's really good chance that i met u andyour songs,your voice..i'm really reall glad.And i cant stop listening your songs . Your voice makes me feel like i'm flowing from sky to heaven.Especially this song -Can't leave you alone- is like a gift for me from God. Thank you Tommie. God bless your voice! ”

“Tommie Brewster,gifted musician, spoken word artist and poet.While known for her blues and music from the heart,she is extrodinary when it comes to blending her music with her poetry. Her soothing, emotive voice brings to life the heart and passion of her soul.Tommie Brewster is one of those few people who are capable of capturing the rhythm of the human experience and transcending it into a language that all can understand.”

“Congratulations Tommie you deserve every success & every wonderful thing because you are outstanding!”

“Hi Tommie your very welcome, it is a pleasure to feature you on the Brick- I have to say I have never heard anyone or anybody sing or write songs like you do. you put the moments into your songs and that is what makes you different and different is very good. Honestly I was trying to pick out a few least fave and it is was hard to do, I like all of your songs. some much greater than others but over all they are very good. Hope you have a very wonderful day. I am not sure what time zone you are on or what time is it there, I have a friend in Australia and it is tuesday evening I do believe where he is at. anyway have a very great time in whatever you are doing. Dakota”

“I clearly remember the evening that Tommie Brewster arrived in The Jazz Network. She shared her love for music to me as well as her inner fervor to share her music with not only her own heart but to the world. I was inspired and caused to challenge her in spirit. As you’ve read above, the acolades she has recently received across the board on various music portals. I’m proud of Tommie, I wanted to share her heart with all of you, she’s worked hard to present herself, is open to all kinds of mentoring to find more creative thoughts through her conversation musically. This is a different kind of feature for it is two-fold. It was a goal Tommie had, is touched by the experience and it makes my heart glad to give her this opportunity to share her heart to us by being inspired by us all. Enjoy the ride Tommie, feels good to fly doesn’t it? Keep giving your warm and gentle heart to the world. We hear it.”

“GTN would like to congratulate Tommie Brewster for her success to date as an independent artist and wish her further success in the years to come. GTN would like to present the inaugural Global Thunda Network Independent Artist Honour [New Zealand] 2010 to Tommie Brewster in recognition for her efforts in self promotion of her own original music and particularly the BLUES. ”

“Hi Sweetheart: Thanks you for answering the the Christmas song callout for Indie Showcase. Breezy has sent me the track. I have it safe and sound here. I must say Tommie, This is my new Favorite Christmas song of all time! What a brilliant song. I will be passing it on to all the indie Showcase DJ's as well as Sunni from awesomeradio.net I plan on airing it ALOT!!!!!! Even in the regular shows!! Well done Tommie. It is fabulous!! ty ty ty ty ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muaaaaaaaaaah! Yours in the music Shashona ”

“She fills your heart with a silver lining of red roses with her ethereal voice hitting the high notes to bring chills down your spine. Picturing her sitting alone at her piano running her fingers lightly over the keys brings tears to my eyes as I visualize her standing on the green hills of her homeland singing to all of God's creatures as the sun slowly rises from the sea. If you don't know her please go to the following address and listen to her as she brings her magical voice to your soul. Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=152349276&blogId=504207421#ixzz0rCWe6eFY ”

“your talent is so incrediable- I love this song- it YOur music is so beautiful Tommie- looking forward to when you load it up on your player so I can add it to the Brick Wall music player. Thank you so much for sending it for a listen. it is a wonderful song. Dakota”

“THE JAZZ NETWORK WORLDWIDE > > come to the network and hear yourself opening up the site. The first time ever for a Blues artist on here.”

"I love the composition! The sax and piano are wonderful together! I hope it was liberating to write, the lyric sounds painful but comes across beautifully. Smiles"

Mark Bastin - Facebook

“THE GLOBAL JAZZ NETWORK has sent you a message on THE GLOBAL JAZZ NETWORK . COM That's what we do. Give exposure well deserved by our members. You work hard, You sound good! and We like you and your music. Be well Miss Tommie.”

“The artists I play on my blues/soul show - They were graced tobe in your company! Virgil”

“They have found Gold with you and your music! Congrats Tommie, Love Peggie"”

Peggie Perkins - Facebook

“video came out great your doing a great job of setting this up, I like the song, it is rather different from your other songs I think. WTG!! Great job GF!"”

Kool Breeze - Live Blues World


Antonella pampolini - Radio Fox International

“ArtSees Diner is once again pleased to bring to you this gifted musician, spoken word artists and poet. Tommie Brewster, while known for her blues and music from the heart, she is extrodinary when it comes to blending her music with her poetry. Her soothing, emotive voice brings to life the heart and passion of her soul. Few people are capable of capturing the rhythm of the human experience and transcending it into a language that all can understand. Tommie Brewster is one of those few. Let her take you back, as she reflects on someone moving on.”


Mark Easton - Facebook

"Tommie, Truly God has blessed you with such wonderful talents and a voice to swoon even the angels. Thanks for being my friend and for your wonderful music."

Mike Houston - MySpace blog

"Tommie:I'm not surprised. If Jimi were here he'd tell you "go girl ...I'm not surprised." And "above and to the side", where Jimi is hangin' out right now, he's tellin evertbody "I'm not surprised ... you ever hear her play the freakin guitar?" What is the surprize here - Tommie Brewster is all that good and then some" I agree with Jimi - T. I mean who am I to argue w/ Jimi Hendrix. And why would I when I feel the same way he does. "You ROCK! You play sizzlin BLUES! You are the real deal ... Louisiana Lightening; the Mississippi Queen.When Tommie Brewster does her thing .. when she's done ...there ain't a disbeliever in the house! Talk later Madame Tommy-Jimi Hendrix-Brewster!Love,Rick"

Rick Frost - Facebook

"Tommie: You know I love your stuff! You are sensational! I'll join any page you like - just tell me where it is and how to join it. And I will get right on it.

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

"keep knockin'em dead Tommie! your music is great... it touches EVERYONE!!!"

“like all your pieces and I told you before that you have a unique touch to your pieces. I really like "One Little Kiss". It has an energy that is great and very developed as are all of your pieces. ”

“Beautiful song Tommie! The mixing and mastering is fantastic too!"”

Patch Jones - Reverbnation!!

“Awesome song Tommie, I loved it. and you know it will get airplay at Wykkyd Bru.- always.”

"Well, well Done Tommie. I'm so happy for you. You are sounding stronger the higher you go. Ride the wave baby. If by some miracle you can get to Glasgow Scotland on the 28th July you'd wow them for sure. Luvya."

MIke Ogletree - The Robert Burns Society

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with me :)"

"Then you have succeeded with me. :) From the first few notes you tug at my heart and now I look forward to hearing more."

Liz Melendorp - Facebook fan page

"WOW! It makes me wanna lie on the piano w/ a glass of wine(although I know YOU prefer champagne) and sing w/ you! Your voice is amazing, your hands so precise! LUUUURRRVE IT!"

Janel Florez - Facebook

“I'm listening to the most incredible vocalist that God placed on this earth!”

Janet Thompson-Deaver - Morgana Red

“Hello Tommie Wow! Thank you for that. That song is simply beautiful! I love it! I could feel the words in that song. Beautiful!”