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Tom Hedrick / Press

“Pencil! Can not get enough of this song. Especially love the intro when it sounds so spooky and then turns to a fine pop mid tempo song. Wunderbar, Tom!”

K. Appi Goldenship - Duckenrock Daily

“Tommy done did it again....dazzled us on that bass guitar of his, and then switched over the Les Paul and sang all those songs about sandwiches and beer. We raise our tankard to him.”

Sheridan Cumberland - Music In Pubs

“Rocking with Mister B.....awesome melody and energy and all those elements (great piano bridge) that make your music so fresh and a pleasure to listen to....always put a smile on my face!!!! Excellent song writing.”

V. Pablo The Great - Awesome Tunes Quarterly

“Tom - you're all my favourite groups rolled into one....... listening to your songs - I'm a kid tearing open presents at Christmas..... full of excitement & joy........”

Throdgelonious Monk - In The Big Groove

"Coffee And Cake" is genius on so many levels, it's intimidating... great delivery on vocals, harmony is perfect... you are a heck of a songwriter... like neil young, and sir paul.

Ya Bway Alexander - The Global Flobe

“In reviewing Tom Hedrick's earlier album "As If", I touted his geek rock combination of unique lyrics and subjects with joyous rock rhythms. With "Red Giant", the geek rocker advances to head rocker with introspective lyric writing and cuts that are better termed "compositions" than tunes. "Fire In The Lab" for example, moves dramatically from moody orchestral passages to jazz ensemble to a searing lead guitar break. Then jump to "Song For Joe", with driving rock chords and vocal attitude reminiscent of the great Del Shannon. Very eclectic, electric and delightfully eccentric album!”

Steve - Smith Radio

“Tom Hedrick is f*****g weird, but I like him. He's got a classic sense of pop craftsmanship, a multi-instrumentalist's palate, and a whimsically twisted vocabulary. Call it geek rock if you want, although it sounds nothing like the cartoonish lesser songs of Zappa and They Might Be Giants. This stuff is still pretty listenable, if not relentlessly quirky.”

John - Shredding Paper

“The sound is tight and very, very studio. Hedrick crafted the graphic on the cover, and that same sort of sunny un-reality pervades his music. You might think I'm complaining, but the strange thing is that Hedrick's wonky, obsessive sound works simply because the guy is so damned earnest. He makes music this plastic-sounding because he likes it that way. And his enthusiasm rubbed off on me in a big way.”

Unknown Reviewer - Aiding and Abetting

“Salads and Ballads: As if it hasn’t been six years since Tom Hedrick’s last release. As if his fans weren’t eagerly awaiting new material from this gifted singer/songwriter. Thankfully, Hedrick has returned with a brilliant follow up to his 2002 release, “As If”.”

Karen - CD Baby Reviews

“For those familiar with Tom’s body of solo releases, this third solo effort, Red Giant, will no doubt raise a few eyebrows (and perhaps a few arm hairs as well!). Indeed, Red Giant confirms that, like prime Paul McCartney, Tom Hedrick is dynamic recording artist regarding structure, arrangement, and particularly lyric content.”

Jame Oterreau - Mono Records Label Review