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Todo Mundo / Press

“Todo Mundo’s performance....was, well, absolutely incredible.”

“Heavy on the reggae, mon! Lots of hot and punctuated horns. Songs like “Escucha Que” and “Flying Through the Air” have funky bass licks and party choruses, while you feel like you’re off to the races on the pappy chords which do battle with the percussion on “Yemaya.” A bit of the Mediterranean pops on with some bouzouki chiming in on “Por Ti Sere,” while some seductive speaking is uttered on “Freedom.” A sweaty nightclub awaits!”

“[Todo] Mundo's cry is for one world. A world that is one.”

Bob Morello - Facts on Wax "Reviewing the Best, Forgetting the Rest"

“They distil the music into a delicious groove that’s made for dancing, but even more, the lyrics, both in Spanish and English, are very positive and uplifting. It’s a Todo Mundo trademark.”

“Todo Mundo gives us the sonic results on Conexion, which throws down a distinctly reggae vibe on many of the tracks… and intensifies or lightens the pulse with injections of Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, hip hop bluntness, Peruvian chicha and acoustic introspection.”

“Todo Mundo encompassed the sounds of South America, Spain and the Caribbean into a masterful blend to the point that, listening to [Conexion], you can’t help but to sway in your chair, and it’s difficult to stay in the chair for long.”

“Todo Mundo provides an irresistible beat...to stimulate the heart, soul and especially the dance floor. ”

Bart Mendoza - SDNews.com

"Todo Mundo dazzles with a soulful and sexy hip-shaking style."

Enrique Limón - CityBeat