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Tiger! Tiger! (Atlanta) / Press

“Tiger! Tiger! “The Kind of Goodnight” It’s nice to know you can depend on a local band to always deliver a good show, no matter what the venue or situation. In Atlanta, Tiger! Tiger! is one of those bands. While they’re on stage, they’re giving it their all, making sure their audience is entertained and having a good time themselves. ”

The SundayPaper

“Tiger! Tiger! The medicine bottle on the cover of the new release is another of Aguero’s metaphors. “Music is almost this snake oil that I have to market,” she says. “I can really relate to the medicine man or the Fuller Brush man, you know? After it’s written and recorded or drawn or whatever, then you’re trying to sell this product. And that’s the hardest part.” ”

Creative Loafing

“Tiger! Tiger! {I say} Tiger! Tiger! Since 2005 Tiger! Tiger! has become an important figure in Atlanta’s underground music scene, working at the cross roads of garage rock, punk and R&B. The group’s second full-length, The Kind of Goodnight is a catty and cool collection of retro rock and roll rhythms that dive headlong into the dark side of the tensions that bind and repel the sexes. ”

- Indie Waves, November 2007

“Tiger! Tiger! The Kind of Goodnight The point is that every song is a party, but not exactly the same party, and if your host is a little tipsy, she is also sharp as a razor. ”

PopMatters, October 2007

“Tiger! Tiger! The Kind of Goodnight (Chicken Ranch) Don't let the indie-pop surface trappings fool you. There's something sinister about Atlanta's Tiger! Tiger! The quintet's ? & the Mysterians-style organ swirls and tawdry B-movie themes deliver easy prey to vocalist/guitarist Buffi Aguero, who sings like Chrissie Hynde's sneering kid sister raised on a steady diet of the Shangri-Las. The Kind of Goodnight is thick with dark-hearted contagions sticking to your subconscious. "Black Daggers" finds the bull's-eye on the inflamed language of the spurned souping up its finger-popping indignation, while "How Much Can You Take" captures the restless ennui of freshly killed romance. Aguero's kiss-off parade takes a lighter, beat-happy tone on "Cheap Imitation," an irresistible hip-shaker with an unexpected sax solo at the bridge from guitarist Shane Pringle. As Tiger! Tiger! toggles between vulnerability and menace, only ice-water veins avoid getting ensnared in their web of hooks.”

Greg Beets - The Austin Chronicle

“- Flagpole Magazine "…It's what you might call "bar music," if more bars actually cut loose enough to play stuff like this. But there's just enough danger here to ensure that they won't."”

Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"With a refreshing dollop of confident restraint, Tiger! Tiger! hurls a cohesive sonic menace that equals Aguero's tough-girl image (one that looks as if this chica could cut ya just as easily as flash ya that infectious ruby-red smile)."

Flagpole Magazine