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Tigerman WOAH / Press

"Tigerman WOAH's bio reads, "Northshore livin, craker killin', brown liquor drinkin', woah singin, no good-rotten, pinko-commie REDnecks." This band of revolutionaries is as real as it gets, just as long as theres a pint or two of corn liquor factored in to the equations..."

Brian Owens - Metronome Magazine

“Based on the fact that this CD was on a CDR and had sharpie written on the face, I assumed I was going to hate it. I was getting ready with my ‘dodging’ words like ‘Good’- ‘great’- and ‘I bet deaf people will love it’. After listening to this CD I am glad to say I will not need to use any of my tricks. Let me tell you; I loved it. No really, I loved it. SERIOUSLY LOVED IT!!!!!!(or did I?.. no no.. I did.. I really did). TigermanWOAH! is a sort of swamp country punk band... The standout song on the album is the first track “Columbus Stockade.” An old standard song but their version is by far the most original take on the tune I have ever heard. It is so wild that you can barely hear the original anywhere except for some lyrics.”