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Tiger Darrow / Press

“this is an extraordinary record - I love both of Tiger's other albums, and here she takes another leap forward. The production is incredible, the songwriting beautiful and the singing utterly beguiling. I'm a huge fan. You need this album. :)”

“Singer-songwriter Tiger Darrow hangs her hat out east these days — she’s studying music composition at New York University — but she’s still making records like the skilled Booker T. Washington grad she is. Aqua Vitae, Darrow’s follow-up to 2011’s sophomore effort, You Know Who You Are, is full of lush, carefully embroidered soundscapes, such as the luminous Introduction, that make shrewd use of her unique voice and ethereal sensibility.”

“There is no one box that could hold Tiger Darrow’s Aqua Vitae. The record feels like multiple genres cohesively combined, though Tiger herself considers her genre to be “alternative folk” music. With a similar sound and feel to ladies like Cara Salimando, Regina Spektor, and St. Vincent, Tiger’s personal style and voice come through clear and strong. Aqua Vitae makes it clear that Tiger has a gift for building a song. Her lyrics are visually stimulating and her varied vocals make them fantastically, audibly interesting too. Her vocals range from ethereal and tenuous, to powerful and precise, all of which can be heard layered within single songs. There are a few stand out tracks on Aqua Vitae: "Lost and Found" bounces and flows charmingly, with a chorus that backs up its claim with a powerful drum beat. "Love Me Blind" adds a welcome harder and darker shade to the record, while “Home” is a simply just a beautifully poetic story you can’t refuse. Tiger is definitely onto ”

“It’s been quite a while since we last heard from this eclectic singer/songwriter by the name of Tiger Darrow. She has everything that other pop divas don’t have: High musical IQ, beauty and class. Sometimes I think she is in league with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Maria Callas-high fashion meets sublime talent. Well she is back to tease us with her new album called Aqua Vitae. Based on the teaser, it’s going to have a chillout appeal. Her voice is different too. She croons like Elizabeth Fraser or sometimes Donna Lewis. Whatever musical direction she is talking I am sure she is headed the right way!”

“This was my first visit to The Kessler and I was impressed with every element of the experience. Young Tiger Darrow and her ensemble opened up the show with a batch of tunes, including a smooth version of “These Boots Were Made for Walking.” With a subtle and potent voice, Ms. Darrow led a spare group of acoustic bass and keys. Mostly she played guitar with some nifty cello looping that added a vibrant lushness to the set.”

“Between Black Hippy and Earl Sweatshirt, night one of the Downtown Festival would be tough to top, and indeed our second go-round felt more like a cool-down from these twin climaxes. Once again we kicked things off low-key: pleasant singer-songwriter fare at Rockwood Music Hall's smaller Stage 1. It was still daylight when Texas-born, NYC-dwelling Tiger Darrow went on, and her sweet voice and smooth arrangements perfectly suited the sunlight still streaming in through the windows.”

“An Eagle Pushes Students Onto the Stage at the Beacon In advance of the gala, benefiting the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at N.Y.U., he met with three students from MPATC 2090, a songwriters’ forum and a core seminar in the university’s new songwriting program.. A.J. Smith, a senior majoring in music composition, was ready to shuttle back and forth between his keyboard and his violin. Tiger Darrow, a sophomore who is also majoring in music composition, had tuned her cello. Peter Wise, a senior majoring in jazz performance, had warmed up on his brand-new guitar.”

“This week’s Pick of the Week was made for artist Tiger Darrow.... ...Tiger’s custom picks were designed and ordered for her as a Christmas gift by her sister, Kitty. Shown below is a photo of the sisters together. Tiger’s picks were done on our acetal material, which are the best for photo designs. We love the creativity and color of the photo! To order your own custom printed picks for yourself or as a gift, visit www.claytoncustom.com!”

“Disney princesses welcome Princess Leia to the family (through song and dance) (CBS News) Last month we saw Disney princesses get a tongue-in-cheek portrayal as modern day hipsters with some wonderful singing and dancing. But since that time, there has been a bit of a change over at Disney and a new addition to the ranks of royalty: Princess Leia! Watch her get welcomed to the family in the video above. Spoiler: there will be more singing and dancing. The musical introduction of the Star Wars icon to the Disney cast of characters stars Sarah Moliski (Aurora), Stephanie Kenna (Leia), Molly Gallagher (Ariel), Elizabeth Oldak (Belle), Tiger Darrow (Snow White), Tanja Nagler (Cinderella), and was posted by YouTube user AVbyte (aka Antonius and Vijay Nazareth) who write about the playful piece: Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora teach Princess Leia what it means to be a Disney Princess. Disney Princess 101!”

“BILL WISENER-BILL’S RECORDS, DALLAS Tiger Darrow, “You Know Who You Are” An Austin-raised singer-songwriter, guitarist and cellist, Ms. Darrow studied music at the prestigious Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas. Now a sophomore at New York University, she tours between semesters in support of a pair of recent records: “Hello” and “You Know Who You Are.” “Dallas was introduced to her while she was studying at the same school that brought us Norah Jones, Erykah Badu and Edie Brickell,” Mr. Wisener said. “Everyone that comes from there carries such a unique sound and sensibility, and she’s absolutely that way, too. Her music is her music, and it doesn’t sound like anyone else.””

“Dallas singer Tiger Darrow's been on the up-and-up in the local scene for a while now, which might seem like kind of a crazy thing to say since she's all of 19 years old. Except that, well, it's not..... ... since the very first time I met her a couple years back now -- has always come off as an extremely ambitious type.... So it should come as little surprise that Darrow's latest feat again comes across as an ambitious one -- and one that also appears to be living up to its large aspirations so far. In a video produced by YouTube comedy collective AVbyte, Darrow and three other New York-based singers tackle the ever-present hipster Disney princess meme in full costumed musical form on the streets of Manhattan.... Darrow, rather unsurprisingly especially shines in the effort... coming across as the talented, alluring vocalist that she's been trending toward becoming for some time now.”

“Eagles guitarist Glen Frey teaches Steinhardt students the art of songwriting... The students who played at the Beacon Theater earlier this month include Smith, Steinhardt senior Peter Wise and Steinhardt sophomore Tiger Darrow. The trio performed the opening act for a gala held to benefit Steinhardt. After the students’ performance, Frey walked onstage with Eagles members Don Henley and Joe Walsh and played songs representing the last 40 years of their career. ”

“Hipster Disney Princesses: The Musical Snow White drinking kombucha tea? The Little Mermaid sporting an organic bra? Meet the hipster Disney princesses. In a new musical video, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Cinderella, bespectacled all, prance -- or rather pose and pout -- around New York extolling the virtues of sushi (ironically) and deriding glass slippers worn after midnight. While the princesses may reject the mainstream -- music that was once cool and now hot, the film versions of books -- they are still very much products of the digital age who tumbl but never fall and claim to have "talked to birds before Twitter." Unsurprisingly, the video has racked up 165,986 YouTube views since it was posted Monday, which means, of course, that any real hipster -- (glare) -- is over it.”

“Under the direction of NYU Steinhardt faculty members Phil Galdston, Ron Sadoff, and Glenn Frey, co-founder of the American rock band, the Eagles, sophomore Tiger Darrow, senior A.J. Smith, and junior Peter Wise opened for the famous act at the first NYU Steinhardt Vision Award Gala. Darrow, Smith, and Wise performed their original songs, "How to Love Someone,” “Kings & Crowns,” and “Our Ship Has Sailed,” respectively.... “I've gone through so many emotions,” Darrow explained. “The initial shock from being asked to open -- complete pre-show stage fright and nerves, then back to ‘oh my goodness…this really happened.’” Darrow continued. “What’s really fantastic about working so closely with Professor Sadoff, Professor Galdston, and Mr. Frey is that it feels more like a collaborative effort rather than a ‘class’ or ‘lesson.’ They've all said that they are not here to teach us how to write songs, but to give us tools and new ways of thinking to help us”

“LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III @ THE KESSLER ....This was my first visit to The Kessler and I was impressed with every element of the experience. Young Tiger Darrow and her ensemble opened up the show with a batch of tunes, including a smooth version of “These Boots Were Made for Walking.” With a subtle and potent voice, Ms. Darrow led a spare group of acoustic bass and keys. Mostly she played guitar with some nifty cello looping that added a vibrant lushness to the set....”

“Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is known for producing musical stars. Erykah Badu went there. So did Norah Jones. And now another alum hopes to follow in their footsteps. Tiger Darrow graduated from the arts magnet school in the spring and released two albums before getting her diploma. “In Love With a Boy,” from her 2011 album You Know Who You Are, represents Darrow well – personal lyrics, catchy rhythms, stacked harmonies, and, most significantly, a love song... in 2012, Darrow’s ready to spread her wings. ”

“NEW YORK — Forty years after Glenn Frey began crafting some of the most memorable rock songs ever, the Eagles musician and singer finds himself in a new role — college professor. For the past few months, Frey has been helping to teach a songwriting class at New York University's Steinhardt Department of Music. The semester culminated Thursday night with a benefit concert by the Eagles at the Beacon Theatre, where the opening act was three of the class's students performing their original songs.... ...Tiger Darrow, a sophomore from Dallas studying music composition, said Frey helped her focus on the idea of telling a big story into a small package — a song. She said she and her colleagues weren't intimidated working with Frey, although she got a bit nervous when she realized the details of his legendary life....”

“Darrow shined during tunes like “Make The News.” She worked the mic as she performs: One moment she was singing so loudly and passionately that she had to back away from the microphone or she will bust a speaker, and the next she was whispering into it, drawing listeners in as if she had a juicy secret to share. Her best song of the night, other than a sultry rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots Were Made For Walking,” didn’t include her stunning electric cello or acoustic guitar. Instead she used a loop pedal, which she had been incorporating into her performance for most of the evening, to loop snaps, claps, and harmonies a la Bobby McFerrin. Darrow warned the audience ahead of time that they were about to see something special, and she didn’t disappoint.”

“MUSIC IN YOUR FUTURE-TIGER DARROW ...Listening to You Know Who You Are, I had a hard time trying to “label” her music. I could make comparisons to other female pop/folk artists, but I'm not well-enough versed in that genre to draw the parallels. There is a calmness to her songs, which is combined with her incredible musical talents. The music kind of washes against you, like gentle waves upon a shoreline. When asked about her musical influences, Tiger sort of obliquely answers, “I’d say my direct influences include Imogen Heap and Danny Elfman for sure. Other influences vary depending on the song I’m writing.” ...Tiger is energetic, enthusiastic, sure of her talents, and motivated to succeed. She is amazingly talented, possessing one of those absolutely captivating singing voices and the chops to draw you into her songs. She also seems to have an innate musical sensibility, as if it were almost a second language for her, especially for someone so young...”

“New York- based singer/composer/actress Tiger Darrow proves that looks and IQ go together. She reminds me a bit of Aimee Mann who also crafted a career as a singer songwriter. I think she embodies what an artist of the new millennium should be: youthful vibes, great talent, amazing looks and attitude. Her style of singing goes back to the golden age of vocal music. There is that supple gliding feel and a bit of that smoky characteristic found in Jazz singers. I prefer my singers to sound like women instead of little girls and Tiger has a kind of voice that should take the stage along with Natalie Merchant, Annie Lennox and Imogen Heap. There are layers and textures in her music that will take some time to analyze. This artist loves sound the way an architect loves cathedrals. In the age of auto-tune and recycled music, her’s is like a light at the end of a tunnel.”

“Inspiring: Three years ago, a happenstance encounter at the wedding of a mutual friend allowed me to meet Tiger Darrow, a talented young singer/songwriter from Dallas who will, I firmly believe, have the music world on its knees quite soon. After that meeting, Tiger was inspired to write a single, “Beautiful Release,” that is available for download on iTunes. She gives all proceeds from that song to Born Free. Tiger recently was on an East Coast tour and made a stop in Vienna, Va., for a concert that benefitted Born Free USA. Accompanied by her uncle on bass and sporting a Born Free T-shirt, she put on a wonderful performance that included “Beautiful Release.” From the stage, she made a point of mentioning, several times, her connection to the organization that we all care so deeply for. Soon after, Tiger performed at The Bitter End, a club in Greenwich Village in New York City. You may have heard of it — a legendary haunt of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.”

“Tiger Darrow may be best known for her acting work in the Robert Rodriguez Spy Kids series, and her scoring efforts on his most recent film, Machete. But Darrow is just a student at Booker T. Washington, a kid star of sorts. And only three months into 2011, the accomplished 18-year-old has already released two albums. There is potential here, though. Her voice is richer and more sultry than her age would suggest, and the fact that she produced, recorded and mixed the entire album on her own is impressive. ”

“A warning before entering: the ever present danger of girl pop is the facility with which too much girl or too much sex renders the music a toothless afterthought. Have no fear, Tiger avoids these traps with an ease and grace that is as suprising as her youth. Confident without trying, Tiger performs a fresh and vibrant brand of music that you secretly hope your daughter listens to so you don't have to pretend to like it (if that's how you roll). The good news, you don't have to wait to have a daughter to enjoy Tiger Darrow”

“The Dallas based (Austin-Raised) musical talent Tiger Darrow is expanding from our Texas comforts to tackle the Big Apple. The Booker T. Washington High School senior sat down with PSD to chat about the wacky good times she’s had in her 18 years. Tiger‘s name invokes a lot of the qualities in her singing. She’s powerful, vibrant, enchanting and striking. The real story of her name invokes the other qualities of her singing. She’s youthful, outgoing and inventive. Its a hell of a package to have. Her tremendous ambition can easily be seen in the fact that she has two new albums, Hello and You Know Who You Are. The albums have a lot of variation in that they are very different. They both showcase her talents and put together you have the full impact of her sound. Now its interesting to realize that she’s still morphing as an artist and she explained how she really wants her music to have a film quality....”

“She sings like Regina Spektor, or a wordier, less morose Sarah Jaffe. She hit the high notes with ethereal purity, but also showed plenty of lung power for the heartfelt, accusatory lines of her personal lyrics. The multisyllable-jam-packed lyrics of her tales of love lost, found, remembered, and resented came rapidly and easily off her tongue, sounding like Norah Jones on speed. And then she'd slow it down, bringing that beautiful Spektor-esque croon into a sad ballad. The talent and energy coming from the stage was so palpable that from the first song we knew Tiger Darrow was someone to watch. There's no question that Tiger is amazingly talented: with her personal lyrics, knockout voice, and her friendly, welcoming stage presence, if she keeps this up, there's no reason she shouldn't be huge.”

“Next up, Discus Award winner and professional musician Jacqueline Darrow. Known as Tiger Darrow in the music industry, Ms. Darrow performs her song "The Writer" accompanied by the creative music video.”

“On the packed back patio at Dan's Silver Leaf, Tiger Darrow performed an acoustic set featuring tracks from two of her new albums, which were released this year. Darrow is an immensely talented senior at Booker T. Washington High School and perhaps one of the youngest performers at 35 Conferette. The thing about Darrow is she is just plain adorable, but in that dorky kid sister kind of way, which she can turn off easily when she plays darker tunes. This singer/songwriter's vocals sound similar to that of Feist, but even more heartfelt and tailor-made for the hippest of coffee shops. She is charming and lovable, with the type of personality and talent to make it big. It's only a matter of time before she takes the world by storm – an incredibly cute storm.”

“New Singer to Watch: Tiger Darrow In a music world that's continually bombarded by next-big-thing wannabes with big-time backing and bought-and-paid-for media coverage, every so often an actual diamond finds a way to gleam through the glitz. By all indications, Tiger Darrow has a real shot at that distinction.”

“It's great seeing Team Clermont's support of Tiger Darrow and Salim Nourallah's new project, The Disappearing Act. Calhoun's been around, but their new album, Heavy Sugar, is killer, with several made-for-radio moments. The new Jessie Frye EP is a dazzler, too. And Air Review's one-two punch of "America's Son" and "H" is positively magical.”

“When she talks about her career in the industry, there’s a charming nonchalance in her tone. Austin-raised, Dallas-based Tiger Darrow says she started working in film when she was 7 and “transitioned” into songwriting at 12. The singer/songwriter/cellist/guitarist is now a senior at Dallas’ Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, but hasn’t let studying for class get in the way of producing records. In January, Darrow released a pair of records – Hello (which was produced by Cary Pierce of Dallas cult favorites Jackopierce) and You Know Who You Are (which she produced herself). There’s an ease about the standout track from the former, “So Long, Hello,” that’s anything but easy listening. She’s been compared to Norah Jones and Regina Spektor (she shares the two artists’ pop sensibility), but Darrow, even at a young age, seems willing to take chances. Check out what many are calling “the Dallas phenom” tonight at the Cactu”

“Tiger Darrow at Cactus Cafe: This cute-as-a-button Central Texas native (pictured) is gaining "it" factor indie cred, in both music and film. Expect a house packed with college chicks and hipster rock girls (read: Get there early so you have a table to share). Thu., March 3 at 8:30pm, $6 - $8 Texas Union, UT campus, 2247 Guadalupe St.; 512-475-6515 ”

“Review: High school musicians in Dallas create rousing EP, Booker 3, Vol. 2 ...Sandwiched on the album between Grubb and Higginbotham is Darrow's track. With nationwide touring experience under her belt in addition to appearing in over a dozen films, Darrow, at 18 years old, is the kind of person that makes you feel woefully incompetent. To encapsulate her sound, combine Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, and Kate Nash, then subtract 68 years from their collective age....”

““Track By Track” appears every other week on Art&Seek. During the podcast, Texas musicians play their new albums and discuss what went into making them with Paul Slavens, host of The Paul Slavens Show Sunday nights at 8 on KXT, 91.7 FM.”

“DALLAS — If you like Norah Jones, you'll love high school student Tiger Darrow. Darrow attends Booker T. Washington (like Jones) and officially releases her self-produced album You Know Who You Are on March 3. That's right, this high school sweetheart has already produced her own album: She wrote all the songs, played almost all of the instruments, recorded and engineered it herself, and created the artwork for You Know Who You Are. Whew. What's more, You Know Who You Are is her second album of the year -- and it's only February. Her first, Hello, was produced by Cary Pierce and released in early January. Darrow's CD release party on March 3 is in Austin, but Dallas music lovers can see (and hear!) her at Opening Bell March 9 and at the 35 Conferette in Denton on March 12. She's worth the wait. ”

“Tiger Darrow, Solo Artist, Brilliant Song Writer, Actor, and Composer... Every once in awhile I do an interview that makes me say, "Wow thanks for being so cool, honest, and open." This is definitely one of those. Readers, this is Tiger Darrow. She has an amazing voice and is also a talented violinist, cellist, guitarist, and pianist. Oh yeah, did I mention she's an actress too? She has done work in the Spy Kids Series, and recently did the musical score for Machete. So read through the interview and learn a little more about Tiger.”

“Next, in the continuing series of follow-up articles for the What Music Means to Me Project, we turn our focus to Tiger Darrow. Usually, the last names of the participants are not revealed in order to help protect their privacy and because, in context of the project, their last name is not important to know. In this case, however, and as you will see, Tiger’s name is everywhere. And for good reason......”

“Up Close and Personal with "Tiger Darrow" She has been compared to Norah Jones, and Regina Spektor among others, but Tiger Darrow’s sound is completely her own. Her musical influences include Imogen Heap, Danny Elfman, Bon Iver, U2, Jason Mraz, Jamie Cullum and Katy Perry. What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist? Passionate. If there is no passion in your art, there is no truth. When an artist is passionate about what they do, the artist’s essence is easily detected within their work. I always stay true to myself in my work. If a piece of music I’m writing doesn’t sound like me, I set it aside, work on something else, and come back to it later with a new outlook on it.”

“​In her 18 years, Tiger Darrow's already accomplished far more than most other high school seniors can dream. The Booker T. Washington High School senior's already got a pretty substantial IMDB page thanks to her burgeoning acting career, and, last summer, Darrow, who also boasts some pretty fine indie-pop chops, even had a couple of scores pop up Robert Rodriguez's Machete -- in three different scenes, even (two featuring Jessica Alba, and another featuring Cheech Marin). Pretty decent filler for your college applications, no doubt.”

“Rulers of Engagement-10 Dallas Artists to Watch in 2011 (page 46)Tiger Darrow, 17 A multitalented senior at Booker T. Washington High School, Tiger Darrow’s musical star is in the ascendancy, with two CDs due shortly: You Know Who You Are is a self-produced album that’s all Tiger, and Hello is a collaborative efi ort with Cary Pierce (Jackopierce). She also works in film, most recently as Robert Rodriguez’s production assistant for Spy Kids 4.”

“She is a talent (i.e. think Ingrid Michaelson meets Norah Jones). – The Wirk”

“A songwriter, guitarist, cellist and actress, 17-year old Tiger Darrow is a junior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She appears regularly as a headlining performer at venues in Dallas. Tiger was selected to perform at the 2009 State Fair of Texas "Girls That Rock" music festival, at the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival Awards Ceremony and at the 2010 One Arts Spring Block Party. She recently signed with Cary Pierce's label, foreverything music, to produce a 6 song EP. Her original songs include collaborations with Pierce (Jackopierce) who co-wrote the song "Only A Year" and served as producer on her recording. Tiger has also appeared in a variety of motion pictures including Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams, Spy Kids3-D: Game Over, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, and more than a dozen others. She also starred in The Cassidy Kids with Kadeem Hardison (A Different World) and Ann Ramsey (The L Word).”

“Meet incoming student, Tiger Darrow Tiger Darrow is a senior music major at the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas, and will start studying Music Composition at NYU Steinhardt in fall 2011.”

“DALLAS — There are overachievers in school – you know, those kids who ace every test and are part of every extracurricular activity available. Then there are kids like Tiger Darrow, who look like they go above and beyond but are talented enough to back it up. The 17-year-old Darrow was raised in Austin for 13 years and then moved to Dallas three years ago. She attends Dallas’ famous arts magnet Booker T. Washington high school – home to alums like Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. An actress and multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, Darrow is no stranger to the arts. At the age of 3, she began lessons on the violin and later progressed to cello, guitar, piano, and ukulele. Over the summer, she interned with director Robert Rodriquez at Troublemaker Studios, where three of her own compositions were featured in Machete. She is currently helping Rodriquez with the score for Spy Kids 4.”

“Encore une actrice qui chante, ou bien une chanteuse qui joue la comédie. Peu importe ! Je ne connais pas l'actrice Tiger Darrow, mais j'ai eu un coup de cœur pour la chanteuse. Pas que la chanteuse d'ailleurs, elle joue aussi de la guitare, du violoncelle, du piano, et de la basse. Elle écrit ses textes, bien évidemment et a auto produit son premier album Tiger Darrow sorti à la fin de l'été 2008. Et j'allais oublier, elle va avoir 17 ans fin 2009”

“Tiger Darrow has the eye. Amanda Mandelstein has the wit. Ryan Summersett has the action. And they all have the nascent cinematic chops of filmmakers far beyond their years ... which are 14, 16, and 16, respectively. Someday, after they thank the Academy and their families and their managers and their agents, they'll also have to acknowledge Austin's new School of Film & Media Arts Center. Alongside the likes of Seattle's 911 Media Arts Center and San Francisco's Bay Area Video Coalition, it's one of a handful of community-based nonprofit media-studies centers catering to the fertile, febrile minds of a generation of young people.”