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Throw The Fight / Press

“There's very few bands anymore that can make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up...TTF is one of 'em. Sick guitar, killer vocals...& radio-ready hooks a mile wide...in an era of same-sounding, faceless, lackluster bands...THROW THE FIGHT could very well save our souls.”

Gary Jay - Radio Promoter, Owner of Landshark Promotion Studio

“TTF are one of the hardest working rock bands out there with a single focus to break big time & they'll get there! They have a rabid fanbase & an endless stream of gigs lined up to serve them. Their music is a powerful combo of aggressive riffs, sing-along choruses, and melt-your-face guitar solos.”

Seth Hochman - Account Agent, Universal Music Group

“Ryan’s undying work ethic matched with his leadership & passion for perfection brought the band to my attention. His steadfast dedication to overseeing every facet of the band’s music, image & career are unique qualities that set Ryan and Throw The Fight apart from nearly every other band out th”

Jason Fiber - Superfecta Entertainment, former President of Cordless Recordings, Warner Music

“Throw The Fight is a force both on stage and on CD. I've seen these guys live and they destroy. Keep an eye out for TTF.”

Damon Moreno, The Inner Light Agency - Victory Records

“Many people are calling Throw the Fight the twin cities next national success.”

Charles Hopper - Kinetic Music

“These boys have been building up quite a rumor for themselves on the underground scene.”

“Throw the Fight deserves your attention.”

“There are no signs of letting up for Throw The Fight, who seem to be on a collision course with a breakthrough.”

“'In Pursuit of Tomorrow' sees Throw The Fight in their top form.”

“In Pursuit of Tomorrow is one hell of a release.”

“This band can truly write explosive choruses.”

"Throw the Fight finds a balance between rock, and you know, rawk, and proceeds to tear it up in 4/4 time!"