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3:1 / Press

“As usual after a great performance by you guys I want to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation. The quality of the sound was superb. I could hear all of the instruments clearly and it was not too loud. The playing was excellent as I have come to expect. The material was great too, you managed to mix in some songs that would be obscure to most people but are much loved by those of us who have more than a casual knowledge of these fine artists. I thought I was going to mentally launch into the ionosphere during Jessica. As always, you did a great job of putting your own twist on the music. I especially liked the harmonica and piano jam in Jessica, which seemed very original to me. Finally, the audience was great! There were a lot of regulars there, but there were also a lot of people I did not recognize and everyone was paying attention and digging it. It does my heart good to see a lot of people appreciating the music I love. - Jim Morical”

Jim Morical - email from a fan

“When describing Indianapolis based trio 3:1, perhaps the hardest task is answering the popular question - ”So what kind of music do they play, anyway?” Now, one might be tempted to call 3:1 a “rock band”; taking into account covers by Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, and a host of one-hit-wonders. Another plausible answer might be “acoustic act”; 3:1 performed over 50 acoustic shows in 2011 alone. “Fusion” might be an answer. “Hippie Band” comes up a lot. Now stir in some Bluegrass, a little Reggae, some World music, Drum Jams, Jazz, Folk, Funk, Americana, Blues, and little dashes of this and that, and you’re maybe almost there. 3:1 has shared event bills with The Wailers, Hyryder, Flatland Harmony Experiment, Greensky Bluegrass, as well as doing collaborative performances with Indie Artists like John Byrne (Mere Mortals, Rain Chorus) Jon Martin (Sindacato, Red Rash), Megan Maudlin, and Hot Jimmy (The Charred Remains, The Hazlewood String Band), and Nicholas Gerlach of”

Joe Alan - Independent Press

“Don’t ask me where I met these guys… I have no idea. But they sort of fell into my lap recently, and I was immediately impressed. (They didn’t actually fall into my lap.) I had the chance to see them perform (without them knowing I was in the crowd of course), and was even more impressed with their live show. They were a blast to see perform, were fun and conversational on stage, and really got the crowd energized. That’s rare for a band these days, to engage with the crowd as much as they do. But after having heard them live, it made me even more excited to chat them. The conversation could have lasted for hours; they are a treat both on stage and in person. Regardless, I would later sit down with these guys for an exclusive artist interview. That all being said, it is my pleasure to introduce you to 3:1.”

“In my two decades in the entertainment business, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of bands,but few are as versatile and can fit in at any venue or occasion. The Indy based trio 3:1 is one of these rare bands. This trio can play in the smallest club to a handful of people or at a large outdoor fest and still please the entire crowd. They can play smooth instrumental jazz at a black tie affair, Or get funky for the dance lovers. I was amazed at all the different types of music that came out this three piece band. They are all multi-talented musicians who understand a crowd and the surroundings they are in. I would recommend this band for any event. I am definitely impressed! ”

Reggie Helm - Helm Productions & Promotions

"Henderson Leadership Initiative, Inc. asked the 3:1 trio to provide background music for our annual social. This professional group of musicians knocked our socks off with their instrumental jazz then changed formats in mid-stream to include requests for dance numbers in which they performed flawlessly. 3:1 will always be our first preference when choosing musical entertainment. HLI recommends hiring 3:1 for any occasion where music and class acts are required."

Stacey Howell - Henderson Leadership Initiative, Inc., Henderson, Ky