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Threefifty / Press

"On their third release, [Threefifty] augments their outstanding acoustic and nylon-string guitar work with mandolin, electric guitar, intriguing effects treatments and contributions from five other artists... The music is intelligent, deep, and subtle while at the same time being accessible and reflective of the duo's cosmopolitan environment, with touches of post-rock, psych-folk, Baroque-pop, and ambient stylings."

Barry Cleveland - Guitar Player Magazine

"The hypnotic sounds of minimalism and EDM echo in the folk-influenced music of Brooklyn-based ThreeFifty. Which is a little surprising, not because it's just two people... but because it's a classical guitar duo. While both members are classically trained, these days they also travel with a lot of the same effects as their electric counterparts use. It allows ThreeFifty's expansive, yet delicate music fall more into the style that's come to be known as post-rock, recalling the sprawling and ruminative landscapes of Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai."

John Schaefer - WNYC

"Exactly where does postclassical composition end and postrock chamber music begin? Answer: Who cares? Stop splitting hairs about labels and enjoy... Threefifty, which has morphed from a project based in Bach and video-game themes to a folk-influenced, indie-rock-saturated act with a knack for nuanced original works."

Steve Smith - Time Out New York

"Collapses leaps forward into unmarked territory, a genre-bending triumph infused with the strength of their technique, the broadness of their palettes, and their appeal as composers. . . in adding new instruments, new noise, and new friends to their act, Threefifty has shattered their sound and built something original and striking out of the rubble. It’s doubtful that they’ll ever lose enthusiasm for their chosen instruments – but with Collapses, Threefifty has gone from letting their guitars do all the talking to letting their music speak for itself."

Elias Blumm - I Care If You Listen

"Absorbing guitar work... with licks as precise as anything you'd hear from classical guitar ensembles like the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, but a mood positively geared toward the instrument's meditative virtues, songwriters Brett Parnell and Geremy Schulick will pluck you up and take you off to a very personal place occupied by rock and classical in equal measure." - The Deli

The Deli

““Brilliant!  That was my first reaction whilst listening to the opening track of this exceptional new release and I was just hoping that this standard was to be kept up during the rest of the programme - and it was.  Brett Parnell and Geremy Schulick… perform their original compositions in splendid style: each track is an attention-grabbing item and throughout there are no low-points. The style is difficult to describe: performing on classical guitars and steel-stringed guitar, Circles is an amalgamation of classical/rock/folk; sometimes romantic, sometimes thrillingly energetic, but at all times spell-binding. Loved every second of it and will play it time and again.””

Steve Marsh - Classical Guitar Magazine (UK)

““Unmistakably classical-sounding and unmistakably rocking. The end result... is not a rejection of the classical guitar repertoire, but an evolution... Their background in classical guitar is evident, and the playing is quite lyrical at times. But it also beats with a rock pulse, strums hard and takes listeners on epic dramatic journeys, taking classical guitar out of its pleasant surroundings and into the mosh pit.” Jon Potter”

Jon Potter - The Brattleboro Reformer

“”terrific...bad to the bone...””

Paul Bass - The New Haven Independent

“Fast fingers and a keen evolution between classical and rock playing is what impresses me the most. A wickedly talented duo, they are sure to impress everyone. Good music you could listen to or watch for hours.””

CD Review

"first-rate performance... strong pulse, hooky melodic lines and excellent playing... beautiful... constantly keep[s] the listener engaged"


"Hypnotic phase-pattern guitar duets treated with creative processing and augmented with percussion and violin. Equal parts Explosions in the Sky, Leo Kottke, Francisco Tárrega, and Robert Fripp."

Andy Ellis - Premier Guitar