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David Ball / Press

“David Ball’s got movin’ on his mind, judging by the contents of Sparkle City. Virtually every song on his eighth recording concerns place – whether leaving or heading back to - with titles like “Tulsa,” “Back To Alabama,” and “Houston Again” - the most obvious indications of his urge to travel. Ball comes by his wanderlust honestly, though: “Mama says it’s all because that night / I was born under a green traffic light,” he sings on “Maybe Tomorrow.” ”

“David Ball is such an effortless singer that he’s easy to take for granted, even for hard-core country fans like myself.”

“Having scored with major singles such as “Thinkin’ Problem” and “Riding With Private Malone,” David Ball is best known as a country hit-maker. But before his country success, he was part of heralded (but not heralded enough) trio Uncle Walt’s Band, a group that also included Walter Hyatt and Champ Hood. That acoustic band (Ball played upright bass and sang leads and high harmonies) began in Spartanburg, S.C., where all three members grew up. And one of Uncle Walt’s signature songs was “Don’t You Think I Feel It Too,” a plaintive rumination that Lyle Lovett just recorded (it’ll be on Lovett’s Natural Forces album, set for an Oct. 20 release on Lost Highway Records). “I wrote that song in the early 1970s, when I was finishing up high school,” Ball said. “It wasn’t something I labored over. It was something that just came out.” ”