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The Whiskey Sisters / Press

“The Whiskey Sisters Work Up a World-Class Sound No reason to mince words: In just a year's time from their formation, in my view The Whiskey Sisters have risen to become this city's hottest new roots music act. How does that feel for the band's pair of singing, songwriting and spiritual sisters, Barbara Nesbitt and Teal Collins? "I love that title," answers Nesbitt. "I hope it sticks." "I hope it's true too," adds Collins. "We've been nose-to-the-grindstone for a year now and it feels like it's paying off as far as the band's sounding tight and we're singing together in a way that only comes with time. It's just feeling good every week."”

“This is the eponymous, butt- kickin,' beer-and-a-shot debut from Marin-bred Teal Collins and Barbara Nesbitt of San Francisco Giants' coach Tim Flannery's band the Lunatic Fringe. Collins, who grew up in Mill Valley, and Nesbitt, a Georgia native who joined Flannery when he was with the Padres in San Diego, first joined voices in 2011 and now sing harmonies that are tight as a tick, as they say in their hometown, Austin, Texas.”

“Collins and Nesbitt played their first set as the Whiskey Sisters less than a year ago, at South by Southwest 2012, when they were wedged into a day party lineup at Maria’s Taco X-press. Eleven months later they have a self-titled album that introduces them to the world as a band that takes sisterly harmonies to rock n’ roll in their own way. Although Collins and Nesbitt can really air it out vocally — hitting some notes that confound canines blocks away — this is no singing duo, but a rock band that can give you goosebumps.”

“The Whiskey Sisters These Austin-based “sisters” are Teal Collins and Barbara Nesbitt, and they both sing and play great acoustic guitar on these gorgeous, harmony-drenched country rockers. The guitar story here, however, truly comes in the form of Mr. Josh Zee, who plays electric on the album. For some reason this guy is still the best-kept secret in the blues-based country-fried universe, with his spot-on bends, perfect sense of the pocket, badass picking technique, and awesome sense of humor. I’m always wrong about these things, but “Talk It Out” sure sounds like a hit to me. I’m definitely right about this, though: The guitar solo to that tune is freaking perfect! Great record, and highly recommended. World Records. GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE- Matt Blackett”