The Waspmen / Press

“In the first decade of the new millennium, garage psych made a comeback, as exemplified by the success of The White Stripes and Little Steven's Underground Garage, for a few examples. In recent years, the garage psych revival has seemed to subside somewhat. The Waspmen are one of the foremost bands keeping garage psych alive in the Kansas City music scene. Featuring a group of talented musicians with past experience in such groups as The Fuzztones, The Headless Horsemen, Rabid Bambi, and others, The Waspmen deliver a tasty dose of garage psych, with a combination of originals and covers, for the modern man or woman who digs music along the lines of The Yardbirds or The Pretty Things, a refreshing sound on the Kansas City music scene”

Calvin Maxwell Cotton III - Producer and Host of The High Voltage Rock N Roll Show - KKFI 90.1 FM