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“Let’s be clear that we here at the Dig are completely down with high-concept mind-fuckery. Totes into it. All pro-prog up in here. Or pro-g, we suppose. Especially when we’re talking prog of the King Crimson-meets-Isis caliber, which is exactly what The Vital Might are packin’ at Great Scott tonight. Heavy riffs, heady lyrics and trippy stretches of psychedelic good craziness. That … that is the kinda prog we’re talking about. The kind of shit that goes through your head when you’re sketching an alien landscape. The good stuff.”

“A heady sophomore CD from Boston's THE VITAL MIGHT... A heady sophomore CD from Boston's THE VITAL MIGHT, a dramatic rock throwdown that blows away expectations - smart, heavy, and imaginative.”

Tristram Lozaw - Boston Globe

“The CD begins in an explosion of aching lyrics and heavy guitar riffs, reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine's Evil Empire, followed pleasantly and strategically by more wistful moments that lend themselves to the experimental, psychedelic sound of Sigur Ros.”

Heather Simon - Relix Magazine

“Their approach is dynamic, moments of easiness surrounded by sheer loudness, a towering haze of condensed sound layers that shift throughout. Think The Mars Volta meets the Doves, with a dash of early Radiohead.”

Mish Mash Music