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The Vim Dicta / Press

““Point Blank” takes the band's garage rock swagger to dizzying new heights. The result is Tunney's adroit guitar bliss wrapped tightly around Elliot's powerful, soulful vocals against a deft, psychedelic foundation (Think Guided By Voices meets The Kills). “Point Blank” features the B-side “The Name of the Game,” another truly inspired blast of virtuosic noise rock.”

“I’ve always believed that if done right, a three-piece band can do magical things, and The Vim Dicta just about perfectly vindicated that belief of mine with their performance last night. Think Led Zeppelin’s ‘Dazed And Confused’ as the kind of groove that forms the core of a large portion of The Vim Dicta’s music, but not in a rip-off manner. You could tell that the band’s sound is influenced by some familiar and famous names in rock history, but besides the obvious early Zeppelin part, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint and compare their sound to anyone else’s, which kind of proves that they’ve managed to create something that’s truly their own.”

“There may be no rock ’n’ roll configuration more exhausted creatively than the power trio. Belters and shredders come and go, substituting bombast for vitality and technical showmanship for true musical dialogue. Which brings me to young L.A. trio the Vim Dicta, who have succumbed to none of the perils of cliché.”

“the Vim Dicta played a set of show-stealing psychedelic blues”

“One of the highlights of this year’s 2012 Sunset Strip Music Festival was most definitely a local LA band called The Vim Dicta.”

“The sophisticated song structure belies the trio’s age (two of the three members can’t yet legally drink), and combined with their deft musicianship, the group really has nothing standing between themselves and success.”

“One of the highlights of this year’s 2012 Sunset Strip Music Festival was most definitely a local LA band called The Vim Dicta.”

“Ladies and gentleman, this is the breathtaking uprising classic rockers The Vim Dicta. The Band pack an almighty punch. Singer Cori has a sensational voice, she could be described as the female Robert Plant. The band’s music is raspy retro 70's style classic rock in the vein of Led Zep through to modern bands like Black Country Communion and Chickenfoot. Musically it's all here, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Vim Dicta makes you listen and smile, we couldn't ask for more really - I can play them forever and get lost in it!! With welcome arms, stunningly refreshing! The Vim Dicta have arrived, and are gonna shake it up! (Excerpted due to ReverbNation space restrictions) ”