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The Venomous Pinks / Press

“...if these ladies keep busting out killer sets and opening for their biggest shows they are going to eat away at the fanbases of their male counterparts and put a stranglehold on the Phoenix punk scene.”

“Local all-female punk outfit The Venomous Pinks opened the night, and it was clear they weren't messing around--everything from their look to their attitude to their fast-paced tunes just screamed punk when they were on stage.”

“This power trio of punkrock grrrl growlers pay homage to earlier punk institutions. The track "Leather" (my second favorite song) has a Ramones-meets-Joan Jett sound. While "Mantis" - my favorite track - hearkens back to more of a Guttermouth style. Catch the band live next Wednesday at Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale opening for the Swingin' Utters”

“the Venomous Pinks are three gals from Phoenix that don't take shit from anyone. They are a really great band, too.”

“The Venomous Pinks (a band comprised of three beautiful ladies) melts off faces with a high-energy punk show.”

“The Pinks made an admirable ruckus that included such high-velocity furballs as an amped-up take on the Laverne & Shirley theme “Makin' Our Dreams Come True”.”