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The Venisons / Press

“..." Then there was The Venisons, who played more straight-up punk music. Of course the difficulty reviewing a punk band based on any kind of traditional metric of good music, is that punk music doesn’t really give a shit about making traditionally good music. Anyone can pick up an instrument and play punk, if they have the passion, the drive, and something they care enough about that they want to scream about it. So I can’t exactly criticize The Venisons for their unintelligible mumble-screamed lyrics, or for their drumming that was more fast, loud, and crazy than it was on-beat (though it must be said, Dan Jacobs’ bass had a truly solid groove to it, and was largely responsible for the music remaining at least moderately musical)."”

Electric City Live

“..." Like No Pussyfooting, their music had at least a nominal blues influence, though aside from a dirty, angry, fantastic cover of John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom,” it was pretty secondary to punk’s raw, almost violent, emotional intensity..." ”

Electric City Live