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"...the blues and Southern rock influence on this release is immediately noticeable... musically, we have masters of creation..."

"The Vegabonds' debut LP, Dear Revolution, offers a healthy give and take between intense vocals and a welcome dose of Southern rock."

“The album has been received well. The guitar driven ballad “Shaky Hands” recently hit number one on an International Association of Independent Recording Artists independent chart. ”

Daniel Allen - The Vegabonds

““I think our biggest advantage to other bands is that we don’t play a lot of the stuff you normally hear in bars,” Allen said of their covers. “We don’t do ‘Sweet Caroline,’ ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’ and all that. We’re kinda going for a different approach - a more rocking and jam scene.” “We just kind of put it all together and see what comes out really,” Allen said. “We don’t necessarily go for a certain style.” ”

Carla Nelson - The Corner News

““There are some fine rockers, some great ballads, and some thoughtful tunes that without a doubt show that the band has the potential to go mainstream with their brand of Stones-y rock,” Wildman said. “This Auburn band is doing its hometown proud and have made a darn fine record.” ”

"Listening to their original songs you come away with the feeling of something familiar, but yet something different." Volume 1; Issue 2

"The band opened loud and strong with an original, Dizzy Love Blues. The bluesy wail of Alex Cannon on lead guitar combined with the thumping bass accompaniment of Paul Bruens made you wonder why you hadn’t heard the song before."