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The Usual Things / Press

“Memorable songs and solid musicianship without indie haircuts or too-tight pants. Please God, send more.”

Mike Huberty - Maximum Ink

“The Usual Things continue to invent and re-invent their sound, doing things that make their albums worth hearing! I’m a fan, and I think I always will be!”

Mark Lush - Midwest Bands.com

“At first it was hard for me to figure out what it was I found appealing about The Usual Things’ new album Sprawl as I listened to it in my car. The lyrics are serious, the hooks are catchy, and the production is clean, but something beyond that was motivating me from one song to the next.”

Jenny Odegard - The Wake

“Good singing, good playing and great songwriting. Their crowing achievement is that they sound damn good while doing it. They’ve already produced more original music than many musicians do in a lifetime and one can only surmise at how far their considerable talent could take them.”

Rick Tvedt - Rick's cafe