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The Tea Club / Press

"...Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson once stated in an interview that '...the Mars Volta, Tool, and Radiohead. . .are the future of progressive music.' I would like to add The Tea Club to that list."

"...The Tea Club has taken the dormant rock beast and tied a choke chain onto it..." -Instrumentali.com

“...In the wake of dying intellectuality and a generation with a palate for increasingly bland music, comes an album that will change all of that. With confidence, The Tea Club stormed the modern music scene in October 2010 with Rabbit; a delightfully creepy record that breaks the rules in every way...The sound that Rabbit brought to the music table is something that this writer has never heard... Rabbit is an album you can listen to at any time, in any place, and it will always leave you satisfied – satisfied that there are still artists out there that are actually making art, not just making money... This album represents artistry in its finest form...”

“...The songwriting is of the highest calibre and the intent of the band is shown in the opener Werewolves, a tale of dissatisfaction which stomps over the neatly manicured lawns of suburbia with the gay abandon of a hormone crazed youth fuelled by too many food additives, before seeking redemption in a becalmed middle section replete with gorgeous harmonies and a soaring burst of glissando guitar... A feature of the band are the dual lead vocals and close harmonies of Dan and Patrick which lend the vocals a higher level of intensity than that which one voice would be able to achieve... The Tea Club have fashioned a piece of music that I have not grown tired of despite repeated plays and I would imagine that I'll still be giving it a spin or two for many years to come...”

"...There is much more to this band than what meets the ear at first listens. And the fact is that, the more you listen to the album, the more you find different connections and new points of interest in the experimental sounds of Rabbit... The vocals style is tremendously reminiscent of that of late Jeff Buckley (especially his vocal work on post-death release Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk)... This is an album that should be listened loudly and with attention, for it is set to ensure the listener with power, intricacy and personality. Highly recommended..."

"...The Tea Club are from Philadelphia, New Jersey, they’re not afraid to nail their colours firmly to their mast and fly directly in to the face of fashion... A lot of consideration gone in to those lyrics, some genuinely intelligent, emotional, passionate, and creative moments here... Rabbit is excellent in terms of progressive melodicness and the clean-cut side of neo-prog conventions, Rabbit is also an album that isn’t afraid to adventure a little now and again, take a little risk or two, real progression if you know what I mean... Pastoral post-rock blending into proper progressiveness..."

“...The Tea Club’s sound combines the best of several music eras, ranging from introspective Van Der Graaf Generator-style lyrics and ambiance to the energy of 1980s King Crimson and the minimalism of current day post rock... Although the group has two guitarists, The Tea Club is not about guitar excess and exhibitionism. Instead, the guitars are more about creating atmospheres, draping the engaging vocals... Rabbit is a mesmeric album by one of the brightest progressive rock bands in the current scene...”

"...I can’t remember a time where I experienced such listening pleasure going from the first CD to the second. This is such a major leap in every aspect it’s hard to not be impressed at what a band can do when they set their mind to it. The fact The Tea Club still aren’t signed to major label is criminal. Rabbit is such a superb disc... It gets my highest recommendation..."

"…The Tea Club demonstrate on Rabbit that they have what it takes to potentially be the next progressive break-out artist…”

"...Rabbit is true adventures in other worlds, sonic and otherwise. These are tracks which are earnest and intimate. After many spins the full impact comes through: hidden melodies, endless energies, and great intuitions on where they should go with the pieces. Wonderful usage of the colors of sound..."

"...Rabbit is a great album which all fans of progressive rock need to hear. If the band continues to put out material of such a high quality there is no telling how popular The Tea Club could become. The Tea Club might just be progressive rocks next big thing as their future seems very bright indeed..."

"...The Tea Club is one of the few bands in existence today who can truly say that they are completely original. Truly, I have not heard another band quite like them, and in this day in age, that is indeed saying something... this is true Prog in it's purest, most valid form..."

"...'General Winter's Secret Museum'... is full of chugging rhythms, angular attacks that seemingly come out of nowhere, beautiful acoustic moments, and lovely layered vocals which only add to this band's charm... This band deserves your attention..."

"...A colourful band, a considered band and a band with a flavour of their own – refined melodic prog adventure and now and again a breath-taking dynamic. An album that’s rather recommended and an impressive band who could well be making a few serious waves in the near future..."

"...There's hope for the future of prog with this young band."