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ThrowAway / Press

“ur music is inspiring me to try”

“Level (Amplitude of Waveform) You got this right. The waveforms have sufficient amplitude throughout, making good use of the available dynamic range while not clipping 0dB. Compression (Sonic Energy) Your project scored well here also. The waveforms of the unmastered mixes both have just the right amount of compression applied to individual tracks. Equalization (Balance of Frequencies) EQ is good. You obviously know what you're doing. The waveform has sufficient balance of lows, mids, and highs. No particular frequency range is impairing the others.”

Will Duke - SoundOps

“Analysis Summary This is a unique style. It's cool. And from a post-production perspective, the audio is definitely workable in it's current state. Bringing the instruments around the vocals more could help things out in these mixes. So we should probably talk about what to do next that makes the most sense for this project and the parties involved. We all agree. You've got a good thing going, but as you can tell from these samples, there's a lot that can still be brought out. I don't know how many songs you have right now that you intend to release, but we'd love to help you with the final mixing and/or mastering for all of them.”

Will Duke - SoundOps

“mzqueenB... Female, Age Private, Houston, TX Posted July 28 thats whats up...i was feeling that..i had to listen close n when i caught it ...i was jigg-n wit ya. if u had ended with a quote of thanks or a short..softly sd a Prayer..wld have sealed it up..and you still can do my request in one..very creative and entertaining...good beat/mix ..ur Blessed. stop by my place sometime.”

“No problem Yaku. Honestly, it’s a GREAT song and capture considering how you created it. Wow, impressive.”

“sunshine Palm Coast, Fl 10:56 AM “ Nice melody, voice. I like it ””