The Subclass / Press

“There can be no doubt that this release soars above the pack and deserves to be listened to. Unlike the many sound-a-likes in today's pop and rock scene, This is uniquely original with a poignancy, rhythm and beat rarely matched in today's musical genre. Listen carefully, then let the music envelop your senses for a treat not often experienced.”

cowle - iTunes reviewer

“Substantial polish. Playing shows in the area for the past four years has established a distinct music style of its own--one that engages the spirit and the mind. The music on the group's sophomore album, "For Love and War," has an almost thunderous quality. Some tracks sound like what you'd expect from a punk band--made all the more serious by the periodic shouts of co-frontmen Jason Shimmy and Victor Mazzanti. Other songs convey an erratic, frenzied quality that is particularly enjoyable.”

Peter Brig - The Free Lance-Star