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““Stonehouse show that you can have hooks and connect to listeners while still being earthy and real. The honest sounds on the Welsh rockers new full length JUNCTION show that real songwriting and the “human” element will always resonate more than the pitfalls of glossy pop rock or modern country pandering. This is real alternative blues based guitar rock that could connect to fans of everything from Derek Trucks to Mark Lanegan or even Blind Melon. The storytelling quality, gritty resolve and matter of fact self-awareness of these tunes is refreshing. Stonehouse will quickly soothe or at least underscore your working class heartache.” ”

Morgan Y Evans - New Noise

“The recording has a warm, live feel that’s well suited to earthy blues rock that Stonehouse trade in. They’re pretty solid at it too, with some deft harmonies augmenting some well-penned choruses. Yeah, they know how to throw a hook. They manage to boogie it up nicely on ‘Wintertime’, and the solos are well executed and kept in check in terms of duration. So far, so nicely balanced. That they don’t sound Welsh could be a criticism or a compliment, depending on your perspective. The urgent-sounding ‘Ceidwad’ I clearly a not to nationality, but from the vintage valve sound to the singing accents, Stonehouse replicate a classic American sound all the way. And fair enough: they’re aligning themselves with a longstanding tradition, and they’ve managed to fit into it, and still sound remarkably authentic. And in this context, ‘Junction’ delivers exactly what it sets out to, and with aplomb. ”


“Individually, each member brings a wealth of experience to the Stonehouse project. All band members are well-known within their own professional circles, and each musician can call upon a huge wealth of experience. They have all toured extensively, and each has a long and proud musical pedigree. Collectively, Stonehouse produce dynamic soulful music. Whether it’s performed acoustically or as a full band, the audience are often held captivated by the experience. The pace is jaunty and blasted through-and-through with grapeshot percussion. The vocals are a gravelled and are a sourdough mix of pleasure and pain. And the ever- weaving guitars are shining and elegant.”

Raw Ramp Music Mag

“Full of pent up energy that builds and releases with a supernova of harmonies and riffs. Junction is an album filled with hints of that Welsh celtic charm, but plays out like a glorious stomp down Route 66. Truly eclectic”


““Like ‘Bad Company’ in ballad mood. Infectious””

The Rock Club UK

““Stonehouse’s sophomore album “Junction” is warm and inviting with solid musicianship and simplistic beauty””

Troy Michael - Innocent Words Magazine

““With a familiar approach to appeal to both listeners new and old, Stone House provide an album that is sure to please.””

Infectious Magazine

““Country harmonies permeate the sound of this Welsh trio, and the vocals certainly have a distinctly North American character to them. They’re easy-listening and there’s a satisfying tinge of the blues to them, especially in numbers like the funky Wintertime. A nod to their alt-rock/post-grunge roots combined with some G&R worthy riffs in the Welsh language Ceidwad makes for a really very exciting sound.””

Festivals for All

““One of the most exciting and authentic blues rock bands to emerge in recent years. And that voice, wow!””


““Watch out! Great playing, great singing, blimey, I thought we’d never see the like again. A blast of fresh air. I’m getting my Free albums out now, Stonehouse have made this geezer’s day, hopefully they won’t feel the need to leave their clothes on an Australian beach and disappear, they only just arrived. And they are welcome!”


“”The British Dave Matthews Band is here””

Caroline Sullivan - Guardian

“A band that leaves you wanting more, Stonehouse maybe currently unsingned but if there is any justice in the world, that wont ramain the case.”

Dave Monahan - Dakota.me.uk

“Stonehouse just smashed this place apart, all the way from Snowdonia”

“Stonehouse laid down nine amazing tracks that incorporate their instinctive roots in blues, rock and traditional flavours. Collectively, Stonehouse have produced some dynamic soulful music in this acoustic format. 8 out of 10”

“With this kind of emotive strength when performed acoustically, when these guys plug in, it must be something special. ”

“I just love the voice of the singer,just a great vocal,They are really really ace well worth checking out. I loved that(Junction song)they sound like an old time American road band that have been gigging for god knows how many years.”

Amy Wadge-BBC Wales

“I really like that, terrific sound!”

Frank Hennesey-BBC Wales

“You're clearly good at what you do,Its well done and beautifully played.”

Adam Walton, BBC Wales

“Stonehouse and their new album, 'Junction', is quite listenable and animpressive effort. If, like me, you’re very unfamiliar with the Blues-Rock genre this album could very much serve as an enjoyable introduction. ”


“‘Junction‘ is a track taken from the Stonehouse studio album of the same name, an impressive offering of music from the band and most definitely a track that absolutely demands to be listened to. Clearly Stonehouse is a band with a huge amount of talent, and although the band currently remains unsigned, it is surely only a matter of time before this brilliant blues rock band finds itself picked up by a record label.”

Rich Leigh - Alt Uk

“Throughout this record is proof that Junction needs to be played loud. Hearing these guys live must be an experience and if you are one of those people that have seen them play around this world of ours, then I tip my hat to you. This impressive record is one to have.”

Mark Wincott - Metal Mouth

“Wales’ best kept secret? Nope, it’s not Tom Jones’ fellow countryman and The Voice hopeful Ragsy (a decent singer with a cracking set of pipes) – we’re talking bastions of blues rock Stonehouse. Junction is rammed full of emotive and evocative gems ranging from the countrified Lonely Girl to the hard rocking Ceidwad (sung in the band’s native tongue and all the better for it) and the Bad Company-influencedTake My Soul. But it’s on the stunning Stricken Tree where Stonehouse set out their stall. Think a bluesy Mr Big swapping the Hollywood hills for the valleys of Snowdonia and giving everything they’ve got in the name of rock… 10/10”

Rush on Rock

“One of the most exciting bands to emerge from sleepy North West Wales in time, Stonehouse, are offering the title track from brand new album, Junction, for free. The song is engulfed by authentic, warming blues, drenched in soulful vocals and musicianship that’s second to none, with musical prowess at the forefront of this release. The Welsh threesome have crafted a melodic, meticulously crafted sophomore album that displays their ambitious side whilst maintaining the core blues rock elements of yesterday wonderfully. Each track on the album is an imperative ingredient, fused together to make Junction a soul-filled cocktail that will be an exquisite part of any sun sinking summer evening.”


“Enter Stonehouse, the Welsh Blues Rock trio with their sophomore album "Junction". And it's a belter. "Take My Soul" blows any doubts into the dust though with it's terrific rocky groove. It's such a simple hooky riff, but it's just got miles in it, and I confess, it did go on repeat for a quite a few times! Nathan's guitar work is superb. It's songs like this that inspire people to want to see live shows. "Stricken Tree" highlights that this band are no one trick pony, slowing the pace right down. Final favourite on what is a storming album is the final track, "Freedom Grains", and on the subject of storming, the drums are just like rolling thunder on this. Some immense work by Deian which at times you just take for granted. An absolute diamond of an album.”

The Jitty.com

“Junction is a mightily impressive achievement from this three-piece, and its a superior release to many other albums out there right now.”

Harry - 7 Bit Arcade