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The Sign / Press

“jangly Byrds-like catchy melody for "in your world", and one of the tightest, brightest radio hits I've heard in "newspaper radio"..you guys are killing it!! Really love how you kick off "radio" with the chorus grab then burst straight into the song..such a crisp, catchy and sparkling piece of production and performance...material this good deserves to find you a lot of fans and supporters!”

Mike White - Mike White Presents

“Tokyo Tour 2011/Kansai Music Conference - The Sign have been invited to play Kansai Music Conference in Osaka, September 16 - 19 to showcase and release their video and CD single "Erase and Rewind" sung in Japanese. While in Japan, The Sign have decided to extend their stay by touring Tokyo from September 4 to 15 with a fully booked schedule.”

“THE SIGN U.S. TOUR 2011 ----- The duo decided that a US tour was a necessary next step in building a successful career. Starting in March The Sign will embark on an extended tour of the U.S. starting in California and working their way across the states to New York arriving there in June and play the East Coast until August. "We are really excited about this tour and hope it will be as successful as we plan"”