The Shee / Press

“A delight for the ears”

Bright Young Folk

“of all the folk bands in Britain, The Shee are one of the very best”

The Revue

“With some beautifully sensitive musicianship and stunning vocals it’s hard not to be left spellbound”

Folk Radio UK

“an unflinchingly bold and poetic album from one of the most capable groups on the roots scene”

Spiral Earth

“Most bands struggle to find one good vocalist, but this six-piece outfit have three”

The Living Tradition

“The classy package, like the music within, is a true work of art”

Fatea Magazine

“Murmuarations showcases six talented individuals working perfectly together”

R2 Magazine

“A third album full of complex arrangements, strong singing and the clear sense of a band seriously stretching their wings”

FRoots Magazine