The Scrips / Press

"You are awesome! You know you are different and it is cool that you do what you do, because you believe in the sound. I can see you opening for Del McCrory or the Greencards.... I love the loud music, but I could hear your lyrics and your sound and it was refreshing.”

"The Scrips opened the set, entertaining with banjo, guitar, and bull bass, and with voices that allowed the words, melodies, and harmonies to shine, to bring brillance to their bluegrass roots. They chose as their one cover, “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” Brad Wofford played guitar and banjo, Marci Acheson was on guitar, and Shane Prescotton bass, sometimes using a bow instead of the usual slap or pick style."

““The lyrics grabbed. And I am a sucker for the minor G dirgy-kind of songs.””