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The Scorseses / Press

“The staggeringly impressive Scorseses make their 3rd appearance on Happy Hour, this time with new band members Sage Rouge (Social Set) and P Michael Hayes (from Hazy Ray).”

“The Scorseses will also be represented by their track “The Assembly Line” alongside a host of other international talent spanning a variety of genres on WiFi PR Group’s upcoming compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 5, set to be released at Coachella in April 2014.”

"Take some funk groove, a ladle of prog rock rock, an injection of ska, intelligent lyrics, and an uncompromising attitude – blend vigorously and pour into an oversize shotglass and you’ve got an approximation of their sound."

“CD REVIEW: "The Scorseses are more like socially conscious post-punkers sporting a horn section, as if the Ataris had crossbred with Rocket from the Crypt and thrown a little jazz noodling and occasional skank into the mix."”

“Featured Artist Spot with Ultimate Vocalist: Vince and Sam with The Scorseses have been training with Ultimate Vocalist to enhance their singing technique and agility”

“Vincent Ebeier, lead singer of The Scorseses, sounds off on The Changing Business Of Music in an interview with Where Y'at Magazine.”

“INTERVIEW: Voodoo Preview: What The Scorseses Are Not”

“INTERVIEW: The Seriously Not-So-Serious Evolution of the Scorseses onto the Voodoo Stage”

“An amazing, unpredictable album from a band that was already at the top of their game.”

“The fusion of the reggae rhythms and high-energy rock is what makes The Scorseses one of the more unique bands in the city of New Orleans.”

“RADIO INTERVIEW: Twisted South Best of Presents: The Scorseses & Devon Allman”

“RADIO INTERVIEW: The Lesbian, the Witch, The Scorseses and Tony Clifton”

“RADIO INTERVIEW: It's New Orleans Happy Hour - Viva Survival NOLA!”

"With the grimiest sounding horns and the tightest percussion, The Scorseses have created a fantasy of the urban underbelly that sounds sexy and cinematic, rather than in need of an intervention."

Shreveport Catalyst

"The Scorseses distinguish themselves from the cookie-cutter confines of modern rock by mixing ska with the edgier side of alternative rock and funk. Think early ‘00s Incubus with a brass section standing in for their DJ. Their lyrics are introspective, slightly dark and cartoonishly narrative. Above all, their sound is clever, unique, and most importantly, fun."

“The Scorseses - Award Winner of the "Best Band Reinventing Their Game" in Where Y'at Magazine's - 2011 Best of the Big Easy Awards”

“Ska's the launching pad for The Scorseses, and, like Mutemath, builds something contemporary from refashioned versions of classic parts. Throughout their debut five-song EP, they show similar invention, and it's easy to hear how this could find a big audience.”

“Even though all of us try to soar to greater heights/we’ll probably all die trying twice” sings lead vocalist Vincent Ebeier on the opening track “Leia is not your sister.” Fortunately for The Scorseses, they deliver a solid debut on their first EP Presenting…The Scorseses. If Presenting…The Scorseses is any indication, they will will certainly soar to great heights in 2011!”

“Successfully blending an eclectic group of styles into their sound with focused guitar progressions and virtuoso-style bass lines beefed by their powerful horn section and keyboards, The Scorseses are a polished, powerful group of live performers and are undoubtedly radio friendly.”

“The best thing about bands breaking up is that the members almost always start new projects, and if you're lucky, they do something completely different than what you're used to hearing from them individually. This is the case with The Scorseses. These gents come from so many different traditional genres (indie, alternative, progresssive, rock) to create the sound you hear today. With an electric non-stop live show including covers of "Minnie the Moocher" and some Sublime tracks, this band is extremely proficient at keeping your attention and body moving.”

“Band Interview - CD Release”