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“The Red Microphone Speaks! is a fine collective effort created and constructed by a group of talented individual musicians; energetic, cohesive, and with a revolutionary bent that is strong and yet organic (and not at all overwhelming). It is an example of free music at its finest; of what happens when several musicians make a commitment to spontaneously create as one, while not losing their individuality...Vibraphonist Pietaro is equally at home providing dreamy textures, rapid lead lines, or complementary counterpoint to the rest of the band. Bassist Letman-Burtinovic gives the band a rock-solid bottom, and uses well a wide array of techniques, from arco overtone-rich long tones to rapid-fire plucked notes. Saxophonists Moshe and Iacovone converse extremely well, showing great listening skills and creativity, and are both able to take the lead individually, making intricate shapes and staying together while playing freely and sometimes orthogonally to each other.”

" The Red Microphone is a politically-oriented chamber jazz quartet who use themes of freedom, texts by Langston Hughes, protests of the House of UnAmerican Activities, music by Hanns Eisler and a haunting version of “The Internationale”…with the voices of Malcom X, Angela Davis and Dalton Trumbo added to the blend. I like that both saxes or flute often lay back and play their calm lines together, swirling softly around one another sublimely, occasionally in a dream-like state. Also what is great about this disc is that this is protest music which never shouts or screams, it is thoughtful and well-paced giving us a chance to think calmly about the way our freedom has been abused and manipulated by those in charge."

Bruce Gallanter - Downtown Music Gallery new music record shop

“Out of the thousands of Jazz LP’s and CD’s that I own, there is something truly special and important about the music on The Red Microphone Speaks. From the moment I hit play, I was glued to the chair. The blending of music and poetry is seamless and magical. It hits you right in the heart and makes you feel alive. The only word that comes to mind is striking.”

“this music is MOVING me like nothing else i've mastered in years. reminds me of the days when all i listened to was stuff from the ESP label, BYG (from France), and Karl Berger, my first real teacher and mentor. this music of yours brings all musics TOGETHER. i fucking LOVE it! -love, K”

Kramer, NoiseMiami Studio - correspondence

"A special brand of new revolutionary jazz"