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J-Hen / Press

“J-Hen featured in Entrigue Magazine September 2013 issue.”

“Perfect produced chartbreaker-R&B music . Rank # 1 for Dallas ! My respect and support. All the best to you,wishes.”

Leon B., Reverbnation Artist

“Enjoyed the slow flow R&B SEX INSTRUCTOR .. great vocals and harmonies .. nice synths and beats backing them up.”

Jeff, Reverbnation Artist

“Smooth vocals, excellent production, and a good vibe! Nice work!”

Wayne Cox, Reverbnation Artist

“Watch out! There will be a mob of screaming girls up in here soon!! If you like Chris Brown you will love the vibes that come off this page. Real R&B, kicking it old school!”

Blizzard, Reverbnation Artist

“Man...I'm OBSESSED with 'After The Club' right now. Sick beat, nice melody, GREAT voice. Would love to do some work with you some time!”

Ryan Echlin, Reverbnation Artist

“GLASS HEART...brilliant composition, very well performed. Loved your video as well.”

K C Daleigh, Reverbnation Artist

“Real smooth, catchy sexatronica tunes you're making here bro..wicked tight and crisp production..that kick and clap on "after the club" is brilliant!..superb vocal work, and beautiful layering and harmony work..giving these tunes a real shimmer and slide. Lush and Shiny. Diggin your skills!!”

MikeWhitePresents, Reverbnation Artist

“Keep up the great work ! I wish you much success !”

Chris, LA Executive, Virgin Records International

“Nice songs! Killer playlist, nice vocal vibes and synth effects, very cool beats...you got it all, superb work!! I wish you all the best success.”

Tony Fernandez, Reverbnation Artist

“I think that you had better hire yourself several burly bodyguards to protect you from the hordes of screaming girls that will throw themselves upon you. Your music and performance are polished and persuasive. Who needs chemical pheromones when J-Hen is around?”

Natalie Perdu, Reverbnation Artist

“Bro! LOVE Yo STUFF mane! Especially the "SOUND" of "After The Club"!”

C.J., Reverbnation Artist

“You a beast, U be killin them tracks with your skillz!!! Madd props & respect to you.”

Terrence Hamilton, Reverbnation Artist

“Very creative work! I like it.”

Dub, Reverbnation Artist

“Nice work! Really cool sound! Nice voice! Keep it up!”

Rumill, Reverbnation Artist