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The Quags / Press

“The Quags PRICELESS GRAINS OF SAND- (PAISLEY POP)- 'I’m not sure how I lost track of them, mind you, I mean, we’re in the same town and all, but it’s ok you know why? Because they’ve still got it…and in spades! PRICELESS GRAINS OF SAND is only the third record by this bunch in their decade-long existence and their first since 2005’s DEVILS MUSIC but they have lost nothing on their game and I’d say they’ve even improved. The band is led by underrated pop tunesmith Dennis Mitchell, and he and they kick out 11 terrific guitar pop nuggets that would make Ray Davies proud. Cuts like classic opener “Human Thing”, the punchy “Favorite Parasite”, the jangly “Dear Memory” and plenty of others will tickle that pop funnybone. And if you wait until after the final song, “Later Than You Think”, ends you’ll be treated to a gem of a hidden track, a cover of Steven Schayer’s (formerly of The Chills and now currently in The Black Watch) “Do Yourself a Mischief.””

“So it’s a nice treat when a decent record sneaks its way in, and such is the case with the Quags’ Priceless Grains of Sand. It’s a catchy bit of power-pop/indie rock, and while its style isn’t revolutionary, it’s the type of organic, guitar-bass-drums-keyboards album that sounds increasingly rare in today’s sometimes excessively experimental indie climate. Most of its songs are mid-tempo rockers with no gross theatrics or musical indulgences, and offer plenty of wry lyrics to boot (favorite so far: “You can’t judge a man by his record collection/ Though it might give you a clue”). I don’t know a damn thing about these guys’ back story and am reacting based soley on what I’m hearing on this album. But, even as this band wears its influences maybe a bit too transparently, what they’ve come up with here is actually pretty damn enjoyable. ”