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The Pucketts / Press

“The Pucketts is a wife and husband duo, who recalls instant puppy-like groans from my own wife who thinks I should pick up a guitar and back her own upbeat voice. But this isn’t some silly idea. The Pucketts manage to inspire, and not only by their construct, but by the melodies and the music. See, tracks like ‘Berlin’ seem so simple in their design. A single rotating melody drives the song, as layered banjos and other such sounds compliment gracefully, adding a slight thickness to give it more substance without ever drowning out the voice or the main instrument. What we have are songs that seem so brilliantly simple, a smooth and intelligible calmness throughout the whole EP. The closing a capella takes this to the extreme, but the remaining tracks are transparently composed and elegantly lucid.”

“Indie folk have never been sweeter. When the candy-coated duo of The Pucketts announce, to an un-alarmed concert hall audience that they are, in fact, married and blissfully in love, the room erupts with a simultaneous “aaaawhhh.” Their syrupy concoction gives us plenty to discuss, particularly in the lead single ‘I Will Carry You,’ which is leading the pack to the group’s debut EP release ‘Blood Oath.’ The track is an upbeat number, hopping along at a brisk pace. It has no hesitation to get to the enchanting ditty of a chorus, proving the band knows what they did right and are more than willing to show the listener immediately. When the song strips itself even further, we have a breakdown and the song’s highlight towards the last thirty seconds. It’s a touching and beautiful number. If The Pucketts can keep their charisma and their optimistic synergy into the future, we may have another classy gem of a duo from the indie underworld of Chicago.”

“Blood Oath, the eponymous title track and I Will Carry You, have the kind of irrepressible hooks that have you humming them long after the music is gone. And Julie's smoky/sweet voice really shines on the a capella piece November '91- I've tried pretty hard to fine another singer with similar qualities- there's no one else out there who makes a really fair comparison, and it's truly unusual to hear an original voice these days.”