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The Prickers / Press

“This band out of Naples, NY, is as much a band of guts as it is of bluegrass; call it blueguts. Yet even throwing around words like bluegrass can get a little tricky, considering all the brass the band is packing. It's a collision, a calamity. It's a game of chicken between old-time music and punk aggression, with neither contestant willing to yield. Both the band's attitude and music serve as a catapult for an exuberance that borders on chaos; there's a whole lot going on here. Karl Neubauer (guitar, fiddle, banjo), John Yerkovich (clawhammer banjo, tambourine), Carrie Kennedy (trumpet), Modest Mike Fargnoli (drums), Aaron Pridmore (keys), and Roy Wells (sousaphone) pile on to make what they like to call "dirtbag punk-porch music." Not only is this band's instrumentation diverse, but so are its players; virtually everyone in the band has a working knowledge of all its tools. They like to switch it up. This helps keep it fresh. ”

“The Prickers’ band members come in from the rolling hills of Naples, they come in from Rochester, and even from Pennsylvania to sit down and play a set or two of that old-time, punk-bluegrass mesh of porch music. Music that will get your foot stompin’ and your head nodding. The band members — from originals to drifters to friends — have played at different venues all over the area. With Naples as a base, both in fans and hometowns, the band has since gained recognition in the Rochester area.”

“There’s a certain roiling fervor and infectious foot stomping that occurs at a Prickers show. What began as a way to “just make a lot of racket” for their friends in the rural hills around Naples NY has been catching on to pant legs around the region faster than the sticky wickets from whence their name derives.”

“And The Prickers, well... This band is a rare gem that I can't believe I haven't had the pleasure of seeing before. Pedal steel, violin, banjo, trumpet, keyboard, bass, and drums blended into a folksy bluegrass stomp that was as much fun as any hoedown”

“The Prickers have been growing like their namesake, those small pesky balls of sticky spines that cling to your socks after you walk through the woods. You don’t know where you picked them up, but they’re there to remind you that you’re living in a place where there is more nature than people, that’s for sure. As a musical unit, The Prickers are as organic as any of the flora that covers the hills down here in the Naples Valley. They started growing when John Yerkovich, Nick Fargnoli and Karl Neubauer first got together and shared their love of traditional backwoods old-time roots music. With John on the banjo, Nick on guitar and mandolin and Karl on the fiddle and guitar, they found they could raise a hell of a racket and that their friends really liked it and wanted to hear more. So they kept on doing it and because they were having such a good time, they thought, well, why not invite some other friends along for the fun?”

Duncan Wals - The Record