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The Please Please Me / Press

“Austin may be home for The Please, Please Me, but there’s more than a little New York flavor in their new EP, Shake a Little Harder.”

“Dreamin' picked as My Morning Download”

“All Danced Out featured as Song of the Day”

“sultry pop songs that will break your heart and make you fall back in love all at once”

“Aches in All the Right Places Ryan Adams, I think you married the wrong girl. You knew her as the ace rock star drummer in Unisex Salon, Les Fleurs Tragiques, and Laptop. On her debut solo outing (which translates as burn, burn in French) the hot and fabulous Ms. Torrisi has re-emerged as an alternative country rock goddess! With melodies to die for, and a sultry behind-the beat delivery the works every time, cuts including "Hungry Like Me," "X in Texas" and "Storm Clouds" ache in all the right places. Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynn, and Patti Griffin eat your heart out! Bruler Bruler is certainly among the best debuts of 2009.”

Tom Semioli - The Village Voice

“Swagger & Sexiness After playing drums for a slew of rock bands in New York City, Jessie Torrisi has set out to try her.......... A Cross between Patsy Cline & Chrissie Hynde Jessie Torrisi is a drummer/journalist turned Singer/Songwriter who moved from New York City to Aust.......... Torch Songs with a Texas Flair Love, both lost and found, is a powerful songwriting force. Music is full of men and women, longing .......... An Attention-Grabber Recently I received a disc bruler, bruler by Jessie Torrisi, who was touted as someone who played in......... Most Exciting Debut Jessie Torrisi's Solo Album is Crème de la Crème Delicate, tender arrangements and biting, love.......... MIschievous, Playful, Sweetly Southern You put the ‘X’ in Texas,” Jessie Torrisi mischievously drawls in her charming Southern twang. But t......... A Cool Crossroads b'twn Country & Indie......... A True Shining Light......”

“Matches Emmylou for Sly, Lust-tinged Smokiness So here’s the skinny: Jessie Torrisi is a former New York drummer and present-day Texas-based siren of grit, hunger, loss and the eternal search for the Why and the What. Blessed with a voice that matches Emmylou Harris for sly, lust-tinged smokiness and rivals Neko Case in the gorgeous-as-hell-but-can-chop-firewood-all-day department, Torrisi obviously knows her way around not only every back alley saloon that’s ever been littered with heartbreak and bad decisions, but also a few low-lit jazz haunts. To put this in perspective, Case posed for the cover of her last album on top of a hot rod, brandishing a broadsword as if she were about to invent decapitation. Had Torrisi posed for the same shot, the car would’ve been dustier, and she’d have done it in heels.”