The Pests / Press

“A review from musicreviewer.com by Joe Hartlaub If you are in New Orleans and ask a group of thirty-somethings about The Pests, you will invariably be greeted with a couple of guys who start chanting “I hate my girlfriend!/and I hate my girlfriend’s friends!” Yes indeed. The Pests, recently and blessedly reformed, are a punk legend whose shows around New Orleans in the mid-1990s were legendary events. While busily recreating the magic, and performing --- as well as recording --- new material, the reissue of Simplified, their debut CD, sounds every bit as great as it did when first released in 1995. Maybe even better. The Pests are a conundrum in the sense that while their music is informed by The Clash, they are --- and yeah, Too long to fit here - more here... http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pests”

Joe Hartlaub - music-reviewer.com