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Perdition / Press

“Frontman Andrew Goon’s voice falls in between the Swingin’ Utter’s Johnny Peebucks and Less Than Jake’s Chris Demakes, a raspy, melodic yell belting out anthems and odes to a life of scraping by”

“For tightly played punk that sticks in your head long after the beers are all chugged, Perdition is somewhere everyone should go.”

““Soothsayer Balloon Knot” follows a minor-key verse threaded with Lance Bennett’s punchy, melodic bassline before dropping into a half-time breakdown and a chorus of whoas”

“Andrew Goon and the rest of Perdition sound like the Swingin’ Utters hired them to pick up where they left off”

"an album of pure, unbridled, unapologetic pop-punkery"

“There’s something sloppy, heartfelt, and wistfully laid-back about Perdition’s “I’ll Be Careful, You’ll Be Dead,” the standout track on No Backup Plan, the band’s split EP with Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge.”

“On this one, Perdition really displays their ability to write fantastic melody over tried and true punk structures.”

“'Race for the Rabid' - Perdition. A turbo-charged tank of blistering, no-bullshit power-punk. The vocal harmonies during the shout-y chorus are killer.”