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the pentacles / Press

"Does new (to us), ‘Frisco-based combo the Pentacles have us at hello? Well, if by “have us” we mean being strapped down to a sweat-soaked cot, yowling through the agony of bearing one or more of the band’s children? Uh… no. But if “have us” means we’d go see them perform the songs from their debut, Tete a Tete, the answer is probably Yes..."

“When it's done well, garage rock delivers visceral thrills with tight, no-bullshit impact. The parameters are narrow and familiar, but the effects can be oh so satisfying. Oakland quartet the Pentacles excel at these garage-rock maneuvers, but unlike many in the style, they emphasize immediately infectious melodies over abrasiveness and rawness.”

“For better or for worse, we are in the midst of a seemingly unending garage rock revival. It gives me a fair amount of joy to say that the Pentacles are a good band, and what’s more, they’re a band that stands out. One doesn’t have to be stuck in the mire that is revivalist garage-band fandom to understand how the Pentacles are different from the rest of the bunch– the differences are made clear almost immediately, though they remain within the tenets of the genre.”