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The Paul Stott Group / Press

“Major congrats to The Paul Stott Group for their People's Choice Award!! PSG delivered as we know they always do. Paul and Rick have a way of blending both fiery guitar solos and haunting harp in a way that raises the hair on your neck!! This has become a staple of their style. It is very rare to see a bass player break a string, but if you were paying attention, you noticed Gary Martin broke his G string on the first song and recovered like master players do!! Awesome! Joe Adcock had to struggle thru a "mobile" bass drum yesterday which slowly inched its way away from him. He never missed a beat!! You can see them this coming week at The Alley Blues Bar in Sanford for the Live After Five street festival. They will be playing outside of The Alley from 5 to 8!! This is a great way to show your support for our 2013 People's Choice Award Winner!! ”

“Been listening to Paul Stott Group for a couple years now...and just loving it more and more. Someday I will maybe be lucky enough to catch a WHOLE SHOW! Stop #3 today and boy, was it a good one. Music AND food - top notch stuff. And gotta appreciate that Paul and his band have enough sense... err... I mean EXPERIENCE to be able to play a smaller room and make it sound as sweet and listenable as the big ones they play. They play it, and you can actually HEAR it! This is important with this group because they all play the cusp of each note, not just a bunch strung together. Paul takes this to the extreme and it makes his sound unique among the guit blues we mostly hear.”

“This album was an interesting listen, not many artists do live albums anymore, so it is great to see Paul Stott Group trying to bring that back. Instrumentally this are some great artists, they are really blues-y with a hint of jam band. Both the drummer and guitarist are talented and yet they still hold back when needed. I will say though this album has me intrigued to see them live to see how this looks as well. I have to give Paul Stott Group a lot of credit for trying to bring back the live albums, if you miss seeing live albums I would definitely recommend this album. My favorite song by them, “Sugar Sweet” ”

“The Paul Stott Group plays Blues and Southern Rock in the Orlando, Florida area. In fact, his web site says it is "Smokin Hot Blues". And indeed it is. Paul won the competition that was sponsored by Guitar Center and is now known as the Orlando area King of the Blues. While the Paul Stott Group itself is relatively new to the Orlando area, the members of this Blues band are all experienced musicians and have developed into one fine band.”

“ok Paul, I usually don't say much, but I was OVERLY impressed UR band Saturday nite. I rarely get excited going to see a blues band anymore. Can get so boring with people doing 12 bar blues all nite long. I would come see UR band anytime. What I liked about UR band: 1. Song selection,... not all 12 bar (yeah) 2. Singers. U passed the singing around to the three of ya very nicely 3. The mix, although not overly dynamic volume, there was some and I could hear everything 4. The production. great breaks, stops , walk downs 4. Paul Stott. U just keep getting better my friend!!! IMHO U R of superstar status now and right up there with Mahoney and Rounds. Keep informing me where U play. Couldn't help but think some Hammond would have sounded great with that music....”

Rob Redeye - Facebook Fan Rob Redeye

“Paul Stott and his current line-up are so fine! They were spot-on tonight, I can't remember when I've enjoyed hearing Paul this much. And I've heard Paul a number of ways and had the pleasure of playing with him and it's really cool to see him and the players around him these days to get to this level.”

“Just watched Stone Outa Luck. Very nice! Great sound and some good editing as well on the video. We'll be getting some of that in the near future. It realy makes a difference to the listening experience when you can see the musicians playing. Great stuff. ”

The Violet Leighton Band - Reverb Nation quote

“Congratulations to OBBS member Paul Stott,recent winner of the local Guitar Center’s King of the Blues contest and a damn good guitarist.When I heard he’d won the semi, I knew he’d take the local event in style.”