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The Paisley Fields / Press

“Have you guys seen the new music video by The Paisley Fields? If not, you should check it out! The song itself is catchy and we think the video is well done. Who knew heartbreak could look so sexy? Watch the clip below and let us know what you think.”

“Oh snap, we’ve all been there. “Heartbreak never looked so sexy. Watch lovers collide in The Paisley Fields’ new video, “Not Gonna Be Friends.” This ain’t your daddy’s country music. “”

“Country music is so gay nowadays. With the openly hunky Steve Grand and the Will Lexington storyline on ABC’s Nashville, the gays are kicking up their cowboy boots to the twang of their own guitar. Joining the homo-hoedown is Brooklyn-based “barrelhouse country band” The Paisley Fields. ”Windows Fogged Up in Your Pickup Truck” is their first music video and it. Is. Adorable.”

“Hook-up, shack-up, break-up, and make-up. It's a NYC gay love affair with a happy ending, but no pickup truck in The Paisley Fields' new video "Windows Fogged Up in Your Pickup Truck".”

“The Paisley Fields is returning to their roots. The Brooklyn-based alt-country band begins their Midwest Express Tour on Aug. 11th. The members of The Paisley Fields, singer/songwriter/pianist James Wilson, singer Jessica Kimple, guitarist Joe Kimple and drummer Rob Knopper, are all originally Midwesterners. “I am excited to return to the Midwest for the tour,” James said. “It is great to see all our amazing friends and family. Their support means so much to us.””

“Growing up in Iowa, Wilson grew to love country music at a young age. The two-time ASCAP songwriters' award winner decided to form The Paisley Fields with his long-time collaborator, Jessica Kimple in late 2012. The pair met while studying music at the University of Northern Iowa. Wilson studied piano and Jessica Kimple focused on opera. "I am excited to return to the Midwest for the tour," Wilson said in a press release. "It is great to see all our amazing friends and family. Their support means so much to us." The collaboration has already proved successful. The Deli Magazine and Reverb Nation both ranked The Paisley Fields one of the top 10 country bands in New York. In February, the band released its debut EP, "Dixie Queen."”

“#6 Country-blues band in NYC”

The Deli Magazine

“#7 Country band in NYC”

Reverb Nation

“Your New Favorite Song: It’s time to get the party started, what can we get y’all to drink? The Paisley Fields (as told by James Wilson): Rob, Joe and James will have a beer. Jessica likes honey whiskey. YNFS: Describe your band’s music in a single Haiku. TPF: tulips and whiskey in a honky tonk riot piano on fire”

“In Riffraf’s Indie Spotlight, we feature talented indie artists from around the world who create music, record, and tour without the support of a major label or financial backing. The Paisley Fields combines the talents of opera singer Jessica Kimple and award-winning songwriter James Wilson. Based in Brooklyn, they play loud, raucous old-school country/folk. We got a chance to talk to James and Jessica about starting over, embracing their roots and their new EP, Dixie Queen. ”

““This ain’t no disco. And these queer singer-songwriters certainly aren’t fooling around,” say James Wilson and Jessica Kimple, the folks behind intimate, queer music showcase series Unhinged.”

“James Wilson, a.k.a. Frightened Cellar, has already garnered impressive attention in 2012 for his music video “Rather Be Here”, which has been played to television audiences of well over 10 million viewers in the US alone. His most recent album, “Destroy The Fear That Forms You”, earned him an ASCAPLUS writer’s award and a spot on Deli Magazine’s list of Top 100 songwriters in NYC. On Friday, April 27th the singer/songwriter/pianist will make a stop in Minneapolis for a performance at Acadia Café. This performance is one of 5 stops on his spring tour of the Midwest. Joining the tour are Japanese band NolenNiu-de-Ossi and New York performer Cici James. Frightened Cellar moved to Japan in 2009 and spent a year performing with his band Sora Ocean, and studying traditional Japanese music and culture. While in Japan he recorded an album with Sora Ocean and toured the country. Their sold out music festival “Sora Ocean Music Festival” received national attention...”

“Frightened Cellar (a.k.a James Wilson) is one talented guy, and his debut solo album, Destroy The Fear That Forms You is a stark, haunting testament to that fact. This album is all about piano and voice. It’s lonely in concept, and in execution, but it lends itself to an atmosphere that is hard to replicate in any other way. Wilson has mastered this particular sound and all of its theatricality. His voice is an interesting one, seemingly more suited for a theater than being a singer-songwriter, but it adds to the whole feeling of the album.”

“Rich vocal harmonies paired with soaring melodic lines compliment the sparse instrumental arrangements and personal lyrics that make up this unusual artist's debut. Frightened Cellar’s debut solo album “Destroy The Fear That Forms You” is a living newborn organism, emanating sonic emotions from the moment it cracked itself free from the skull of songwriter James Wilson. Minimalist acoustic arrangements give the songs a nostalgic, almost anthem-like quality, a stark contrast to the auto-tuned electronic artists of the previous decade.”

“I’m surprised I’ve never heard of him before. His music is meaningful and complex without being alienating. It has those pop elements that seem to be the “thing” right now, plus a pounding passion not only in the music, but in his voice. For reals, why isn’t he everywhere all over my Internet. Well, that means it’s up to you, dear readers, to fall in love with him as well, and spread the amazing. As mentioned earlier, his first full length, Destroy The Fear That Forms You, is due out August 16th. Keep an eye on this guy, I think he’s going places.”

“Brooklyn's best kept secret...”

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