The Merrylees / Press

“With a potent mixture of psychedelic and wild west influences, The Merrylees wouldn't sound out of place on a cool Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. The band's debut single - 'For You' - which features The Coral's Bill Ryder Jones on guitar and production duties, swings along like the clappers; a folk explosion full of pleasing harmonies and galloping guitars. Clever songwriting comes easily to these Scots, too, it would appear. There are moments of close to pop perfection in the early demos which you can hear online. Should be a big year for these boys…”

"The Merrylees’ engaging blend of country & western and hallucinogenic riffery follows a fine heritage of 60s and 70s influences. The songs are fleet-footed affairs, all skiffling percussion and deftly handled melodies. The Merrylees might have a record worth watching out for if their Facebook snippets are anything to go by"

“This Edinburgh 5 piece, just on the back of supporting Sergeant's Nick Mercer are going from strength to strength in becoming one of the "must be heard" bands in Scotland ”

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