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The McGunks / Press

“Self-described “drunk punk” foursome the McGunks return with a new album, Highlights for Lowlifes (75orLess Records), a 10-pack of high-octane anthems with plenty of power chords and catchy hooks to go around. The McGunks will once again share a bill with the legendary Supersuckers at Fête this Sunday. More than 10 years and several hundred shows later, McGunks lead singer/guitarist Bob Kadlec is the sole original member left standing, but he has nailed down a custom-fit lineup which includes bassist Peter Martone, drummer Bobby Forand and fellow guitarist Chris Lillyman. Kadlec’s McGunks paid dues early on with countless shows at live dives around the region and eventually landed a gig on the 2005 Warped Tour, then made it to the semi-finals of the 2006 WBRU Rock Hunt. Last year they won the Best Punk Band award in the Motif music poll. READ THE REST OF THE STORY AT: http://providence.thephoenix.com/music/155331-chug-chug-chug/”

“HERE IS THE ARTICLE AS IT RAN IN THE PROVIDENCE JOURNAL MARCH 12TH 2013 http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODE/ProJo/LandingPage/LandingPage.aspx?href=VFBKLzIwMTMvMDMvMTI.&pageno=MjM.&entity=QXIwMjMwMA..&view=ZW50aXR5 MUSIC Bar band McGunks plays hard-charging rock By BOB KERR JOURNAL STAFF WRITER The McGunks are a bar band. Just say the name a couple of times and you know you’re not talking white wine and strings. “Guys get drunk,” says Bob Kadlec. “Drunk-McGunk.” There’s a certain rock ’n’ roll sensibility here. The McGunks think too many rock bands have pretentious names, so they don’t. And there’s the way Peter Martone became the bass player. “I wasn’t asked,” he says, “I was told I was in the band.” And the day after he was made a McGunk, Kadlec called him and told him to learn 10 songs for an upcoming gig. “I said ‘yes’ — what else was I going to say?” says Martone, who played in bands in Virginia and Washington, D.C., before moving n”

“With songs titles like “Three More Beers”, “Drunk, Stoned, Broke & Alone”, and “Can’t Drink Here No More”, you kind of get the idea that they like drinking and having a good time, and you sure will when you listen to this album. Great punk rock with a touch of street punk added to give the choruses that gang vocal goodness, and gruff lead vocals that give the songs a nice edge to them. The energy level on this album is high with every song delivered like it wants to become your next favorite one. The band has the chops to get you up and jumping around with a beer in one hand and a fist in the air as you sing along to these memorable songs that get stuck in your head and make you have to play the album again and again. With guitars buzzing and playing fast, the pounding drums and the bouncy bass guitar playing, the band just shines like the sun after a week of cloudy days, just blinding you with the intensity. CONTINUE THE REVIEW AT THE LINK BELOW!!”

“This is their first live recording with no overdubs, and no studio crap, just the band kicking ass live. With gruff, alcohol-soaked vocals, tons of gang vocals, and a band ripping through songs like they are trying to kill them with the power of their playing, this is the real deal, no fake crap, just guys playing their hearts out. The band does throw some cool things into the mix like the fantastic guitar playing and solo on “Man On The Side”, the cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s “Breaking The Law” called “Is Halford Gay” on here, the great banter between the band and audience, and the cover of KENNY ROGER’s “The Gambler” called ” Roger’s Roaster” on here. For a live album, this shows that they don’t need to be perfect and super clean sounding, but this is actually really well recorded and stands head and shoulders above a lot of the live punk that has been released. I really need to see these guys live.”

“Quintessential Boston/ Providence punk band, The McGunks, donate a number. Like a Boston accent you can tell where these guys are coming from- Not Long Beach, California or Dubuque, Iowa; not Amarillo, Texas but the dirty, grimy East Coast and that’s what you get here. Gritty pop/punk with a grimy country sheen. Great tune and great lyrics. ”

“The McGunks are next playing their “drunk punk” music, a label I wish I made up but they themselves did. Always a great live act as they are also, tonight. A trio, Bob McGunk handles the vocals/guitar quite well as Peter McGunk mans the bass. Besides filling up the musical space with his bass notes, Peter also does a great job rousing the crowd by bouncing his bass off his body, raising his fist while playing, letting the sonic boom notes ring out. And back on drums, Bobby McGunk ably wails away. Strangely enough, though all three guys have the same last name none are related! Always a fun band to drink along with.”

"Closing out the show was RI punk rock masters,The McGunks. Having been around since the beginning of forever, The McGunks are truly legends on the Rhode Island music scene, hell probably the whole Northeast music scene. One of the most underrated bands around today, these guys bring a good solid set of straight up punk tinged rock and roll to every show they play. The McGunks were the perfect band to close out this great night of music and friends that almost never happened!"

“Last but least is the McGunks, only kidding, this band is probably the most underrated punk band in Boston. So it’s no surprise to me that they sound like I’m stepping on a landmine, holding a hand grenade with a stick of dynamite clenched in my teeth. I’m blown away! Especially dig “Ugly American Dream” and “This One Is For The Booze,””

“The McGunks are punk drunk Irish hooligans of the worst sort that show why we still see “Irish need not apply” signs in many storefronts. Besides their foul behavior, this is a pretty terrific band. Lyrics like “Three more beers will make me feel better,” and “She used to be pretty, but now she’s pretty fucked up,” are tremendous backed by even better music. One of Boston’s best kept secrets (probably for the good of society) that there be. ”

Slimedogs Cat - Slimedog

“wow... just WOW!!! this fucking cd kicks ass!!!!!!”

Howie Fightback

“This cd is full of catchy punk rock anthems! After hearing some song previews I had to buy the whole album. And I buy very few cds! I love everything about this- lyrics, vocals, music... It all comes together perfectly”

Yvonne Frenck - NOVA Press

“Raw unadulterated rock 'n roll straight out of Rhode Island, the McGunks "Here Comes The Shame" is a must have for any fan of the Boston area music scene.”

Joe Venta - cdbaby.com

“The McGunks' Whiskey in a Bottle is a winner; a staggering, lilting, sing-a-long to heavy drinking and the curb you end up sleeping in.”

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