The Marietta James / Press

“Their distortion of traditional country,folk and rock reverberated with the captivated crowd and indeed they rocked us, causing our hips to twist and the chandeliers to shake.”

Boozin' Susan - Farwest Almanac

"In a city filled with singers, songwriters, and bands that want to be the next big thing, The Marietta James stand out as one of the only truly unique, inspiring and honest acts out there."

Chris Diaz | Knitting Factory Entertainment-Talent Buyer | Hollywood + Brooklyn

"The first time I saw this band, they blew me away! They continue to excite me and every new listener is in for a treat!"

Kim Grant and The Happy Bookers- booking for The Echo (Los Angeles)

"Well written classic songs played by really solid musicians. Lovely melodies in the best Dylan, Neil Young, Gram Parsons tradition. What more could one Englishman ask for?, that's why I gave them a residency for two years!"

Ian Webber - booker for The Cat Club (Los Angeles)

"The Marietta James, a fresh new band that produces an exciting blend of country, folk and alternative rock,...