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The Luck of Eden Hall / Press

“I just love everything about this band: the vocals, melodies, rhythm section, keyboards and synths and the superb guitar tones, solos and effects, just amazing!”

“Entitled ‘the happine$$ vending machine’ – its TLoEH doing what they do best – decorating your listening space in kaleidoscopic swirls – an effervescent earworm exacting a sensory overload of colourful tapestries which aside fizzing like a lemon popsicle biff bang pows its way into your affection with an acutely cute gorging of 60’s saturated beat pop grooving motifs blessed and teased with some deliciously hairy freakbeat fuzziness, Floydian nods (mid way through as it happens citing ‘lucifer sam’) and woozy progtastic keys. Wowzah!”

“Limited edition 100 copies RED/CLEAR MIXED vinyls. Housed in majestic gatefold sleeve featuring stunning artwork + lyric sheet. "Victoria Moon" is another chapter in The Luck of Eden Hall's extremely consistent story. Songs that combine dense and inventive neo-psychedelia with appealing and approachable indie rock embellishments that ensure appeal beyond 'genre' listeners, immaculate production flourishes, lyrics that enthusiastically embrace the colorful end of the psychedelic spectrum, and effortless hooks (both instrumental and vocal) that most bands would kill for...”

“Very Impressive...distinctive...ample musical diversity...excellent...much recommended!”

“About as good as it gets!”


Ashley Norris - Shindig! Magazine

“As much or as little as I like to believe in love at first sight, the same feeling I get when it comes to love at first listen, but on a rare occasion this might even happen with me. Though my way of being a music critic is by far less critical as those of others, the times a newly discovered band gets to me right away can be run down by so very few – not to mention those who will ever make it to my basic rotation…THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL is one of those rare gemstones I stumbled upon just now as they stumbled upon Psychorizon.”

“A year after the superlative impressions left us the previous album Alligators Eat gumdrops , the LOEH strike back the same - if not more - possible. Unfortunately we have run out of "stars" for this year's Victoria Moon ... cry so perfectly enlightened and sailing in seas high musical enjoyment "credo"!”

“Chicago’s The Luck of Eden Hall add another gem to the their sizable jewelry box with the luminous Victoria Moon. Wrapped in neo-psychedelic trimmings from dramatic sweep to ornate power pop poignancy, LOEH keep a muscular and crunchy center intact and active.”

“The Luck of Eden Hall’s sound – they throw in all the psychedelic tricks (phasing, backwards tapes – you name it), but their songs contextualize these period trappings into something much more contemporary – a thrilling alternative to their peers who often either seem to stick rigorously to the vintage rulebook, or add a whole bunch of reverb and shoegaze elements and call themselves new psychedelia.”

““Lucifer Sam” is one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs and The Luck of Eden Hall do a raw, mind-blowing rendition of it.”

“Chicago-based psych-pop band The Luck of Eden Hall have been knocking around the paisley underground since the late 80s, finding acclaim mostly in the U.K. and Europe. After a string of well-received summertime gigs in Sheffield, Cardigan, Glasgow and London (where they supported The Pretty Things), the group is back on U.S. soil with the excellent new album Victoria Moon.”

“Victoria Moon, the latest album from the brilliant The Luck Of Eden Hall rises triumphantly into the music skies and finds the Chicago Psychpop masters continuing to be at the height of their abundant creative talents. Beautifully play, sung, written and produced it’s a wonderland of musical adventure in melody and sound that’s guaranteed to blow your mind, fill your ears with joy from start to finish and will effortlessly lodge itself in a lot of good folk's albums of the year lists. The great thing about the Edens is they obviously love creating their masterful blend of great songs served up in a full ravishing spectrum soup of kaleidoscopic detail and layers just as much as we love listening to it so each new release is going to be everything you could wish for and always a little bit more.”

“Everything about them is right, from the beautiful songs and melodies, the masterful playing and the detailed multi-layered production, they are a treat for the mind and the ears that cannot be bettered.”

“Honestly, how these guys aren’t commercially creaming it is beyond me!”

“Butterfly Revolutions Vol 1 & 2 LP ... A wonderful collection that has variation and imagination at its heart, yet is definitely the work of one band, the quality hard to deny!”

“...It’s a properly intoxicating, head-spinning noise, but they excel at achieving psychotropic lift-off precisely because the fundamentals are nailed down so well. As a unit, they punch with the precision of bailiffs – thanks in no small measure to drummer Carlos Mendoza’s quartz-crystal sense of time – while Gregory Curvey and Mark Lofgren’s songs are sufficiently robust in construction to withstand any amount of post-production buffeting. Silly Girl, Medicine Queen and We Are Not Self Control recall the anthemic, soft-focus, pinwheel vision that animated the first Stone Roses album but, overall, it’s more like The Posies channelling (Robyn) Hitchcock’s prismatic sensibilities. A winning combination.”

“Like visiting the best psychedelic candy shop in dreamland with your pockets bulging with pennies!”

“Extremely unknown, so sadly as we write this, because The Luck of Eden Hall should be among the biggest names in the underground!”

“A psychedelic journey!”

Kelley Simms - Illinois Entertainer

“Their finest moment so far....shear quality!”

“Unstoppable! Clearly, they could have been huge, but chose a more challenging path.”

Ian McCann - Record Collector Magazine

“The Luck of Eden Hall's FdM Crystal Ship EP: Essential listening in a word!”

“The Luck of Eden Hall cast a fond bubble grooved eye over ‘everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey’. frankly a must have release Beatle head or not!”

“Editor's Pick!”

“Eine Empfehlung für alle, die psychedelischen Power Pop lieben!”

“...'Amoreena Had Enough Yesterday', with its swathes of cosseting Mellotron, evokes nostalgic reveries of a fabled Englishness that possibly never even existed...The band have a winning way with a melody!”

“Hard-edged power-pop meets psych-rock...grab a copy...before it's too late!”

"This album is a masterpiece of psychedelic pop...go buy it immediately!" -

“Yes! They've managed to create their OWN style!”

“Featuring two covers and two originals, The Luck of Eden Hall are in fine form on their latest EP, their psychedelic credentials still fully operational as they open with “The Crystal Ship” (The Doors), keeping the songs mellow sheen whilst adding a lysergic layer of their own creation. On “Black Sheep” (SRC) the sound becomes heavier but equally lysergic, mixing original sixties and neo psych to great effect, the superb guitar solo at the end the icing on the proverbial cake. Moving onto the originals (Taken from their new album “Alligators Eat Gumdrops”), “Bangalore” is a heavy number with an Eastern haze and more excellent guitar work, although the whole band are in great form, whilst “This Is Strange” is swirling psych gem, heavy, filled with energy and suitably strange, I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.”

"Pure energy pildorazos rockista-psychedelic!"

“Luck Of Eden Hall’s latest ‘Alligators Eat Gumdrops’ is a superb album! One of those rare releases with every track worth its inclusion. No ‘filler’… ‘Alligators…’ is intelligent and well arranged pop/psych songwriting with all the right influences. Easy to mention The Beatles (particularly ‘Revolver’ period) but I reckon the band know the best of the rest from the last 50 years as well. Catchy too, I woke up most mornings with one of the songs remaining in my head from the day before, which is pretty amazing! I love my music, I’m deaf without it, but this doesn’t usually happen.....”

“Curvey and his friends were watered with the appropriate liquid when they were young....Exquisite!”

“An extremely inventive, beautifully crafted and bewitching album. But most importantly, excellent songs, more please!”

“Staying with things psych, flowery and lysergic many thanks to Mr Curvey of the Luck of Eden Hall for sending over a copy of the bands ultra limited ‘alligators eat gumdrops’ set, there are only 200 of these babies and each come in a gatefold sleeve individually hand embossed and numbered by the great man himself. Should be of need of introductions in these pages for the luck of eden hall have seemingly been embraced into the inner circle of fruits de mer’s extended family making ea catching appearances on the labels key note compilations as well as the issue of a the odd sought after long sold out 7 inch platter. ‘alligators eat gumdrops’ follows hard on the heels of the bands acclaimed two volume ‘butterfly revolutions’ set and marks itself out as arguably their finest and most defining to date. Crackling and fizzing with ambition, these eleven cuts flip switch between strut drilled hook happy transistor tormentors and demurring orchestral tweaked psymphonic psyche curi”

“The freshest box of hard candy from one of Chicago's finest!”

“a surreal, candy-coated rave-up that jettisons into a universe where Willy Wonka, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Monkees are equally shining stars!”

“Live at the Double Door review: One Wild Space Trip!”

"The Pretty Things' psychedelic opera S.F. Sorrow has been lovingly recreated by a motley collection of bands including The Luck of Eden Hall, King Penguin and The Loons.It's like listening to a warped-vinyl version of the original: everything's twisted and topsy-turvy. Bonus track of the PTs themselves playing Loneliest Person at The 100 Club"

“I can’t think of any US band playing the psychedelic pop 60s with such freshness and inspiration as Gregory Curvey and his band (The Luck of Eden Hall) does!”

“Chicago neo-psychedelic trio The Luck of Eden Hall have pulled it off!”

"Various artist renditions of rock operas can be fraught with disaster("Tommy, can you hear me?"), but Fruits de Mer's tribute to the Pretties' beloved warhorse succeeds because, from the unforgettable opening of The Luck Of Eden Hall's punchy ' SF Sorrow Is Born', it's clear these artists are bringing their unique persective to the material and are not just replicating the S.F. Sorrow songbook. Sky Picnic drapes a proggy cloak over the sitar-laden 'Bracelet of Fingers' Hi-Fiction Science's female vocals on 'Private Sorrow' perfectly encapsulate a mother's anguish over her son's wartime adventures, and Langor and The Seventh Ring of Saturn add a proto-metal attack to 'Balloon Burning' and 'Death'. Although the folkier elements have been buried under a barrage of guitars and effects, there's enough interestingly askew arrangements to breathe life into the old chestnut and the Pretties themselves contribute an exclusive live bonus track...

“Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 2 Breezes In At 5.2 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale! ”


“The Luck of Eden Hall is a band full of talent and energy. Keep giving us those magnificent sunshine songs!!”

“BRV2 once again proves that The Luck of Eden Hall is one of the most underrated psych outfits in Chicago!”

“Some of the best psych pop in the world!”

“(Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2) Their latest and quite possibly finest album!”

“This is simply intoxicating!”

“This is what ‘pop’ music should be: honeyed, thick, creamy and packing stones.”

“ The disc is split down the middle with two beautiful dreamy pop-psych originals, 'Chrysalide' and 'The Ottoman Girl', gracing side one and imaginative interpretations of Love's 'She Comes In Colours' and The Association's 'Never My Love' on the flip. Although the covers are superb, with 'Never My Love' transformed into an emotive, spiralling slice of sitar-laced introspection, it's the originals that spellbind with their fluctuating lysergic soft/loud dynamics.”

“Veteran psychedelic trio The Luck Of Eden Hall has an eternal obsession for the 1960s, and Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1. (Vol. 2 will be released soon) could have easily come from that era. There’s plenty of variety amid the 12 mind-expanding tracks, from the energetic “Chrysalide,” with its references to “frolicking in the sky,” to the ornate “Queen Anne’s Lace.” The melodies are consistently inventive, particularly on the high-speed “She Falls Down” and tripped-out “All Her Seasick Parties.””

“Sus convicciones son muy claras: no suenan absolutamente a nada que puedas oír en el actual panorama musica.”

“I did enjoy this record...here's to hoping they can make it!”

“Even better than before! Topnotch!”

“The Regal Crabmophone label have a new EP lined up for release shortly by US psych band Luck Of Eden Hall. It features four tracks - two cover versions and two originals. Love’s ‘She Comes In Colors’ and The Association’s ‘Never My Love’, are delivered competently enough (the latter with a hint of Eastern charm that always goes down well here at Heyday) but it’s the original songs that have registered more with these ears. ‘Chrysalide’ and ‘The Ottoman Girl’ are worth the price of the EP alone! Near perfection actually - oh, the poor ‘repeat play’ button! My only criticism is that they’re both too short!”

“...in short perfect!”

“A mainstay of Chicago’s music scene for nigh on two decades, psych popsters The Luck Of Eden Hall show that they have lost none of their touch with this cracking new album. If you’ve never heard them, imagine a more accessible version of Asteroid No. 4 or The Brian Jonestown Massacre in that they mix dense guitar sounds with trippy vocals and Keith Moon-like drum fills. This works to best effect on the brilliantly named ‘This Weather Is Better For Velvet Clothes’, which has a tune your postie could whistle (not entirely sure what they’d make of the incendiary guitar solo, though). Butterfly Revolutions loses its way a little in the middle (the band are obviously on nodding terms with early ’70s Floyd and some rather nasty grunge acts), but is redeemed by The Three O’Clock-esque ‘She Falls Down’ and the finale, ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’, a wonderful slice of mellow psych. ”

“Long-running Chicago psych group The Luck of Eden Hall returns with Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1, a follow-up to 2009's acclaimed When The Clock Starts To Wake Up, We Go To Sleep. The album opens with a dose of trippy power pop entitled "Chrysalide," Gregory Curvey's lead vocal a dead ringer for Guided by Voices main man Robert Pollard. After a strong introduction, the standout cuts are plentiful: "Medicine Queen" sounds like it was magically transported directly from 1967; "Velvet and Corduroy" is similarly enamored with the vintage stuff, but will appeal to fans of contemporary psych outfits like The Brian Jonestown Massacre; "Shampoo" manages to be both bubbly and grungy; "Silly Girl" is serious dream pop; album closer "Queen Anne's Lace" has some beautiful bass work, shimmering acoustic guitar, prog rock percussion and an almost orchestral weight that never overburdens the delicate arrangement. ”

“Some... dare to twiddle and dick about with the original and as a result alienate a generation. Others might see fit to leave well alone and rather more approach said subject with the kind of faithful reverence it deserves - happily Luck of Eden Hall opt for the latter though not before screwing to its undercarriage a jet juiced turbo charged throb and fastening on a head butting tight as a gnat’s back passage...”

“Fruits de Mer add another defining Pink Floyd reinterpretation to their roster with “Lucifer Sam” by The Luck of Eden Hall – blasting crazy diamond Syd Barrett well into the 21st Century.”

“Album of the Year!”

"An excellent psychedelic band!" -Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

"the most intriguing sonic emanations we've heard in ages."

"get this masterpiece!"

“a future psychedelic classic!”

"a distinct sound of their own"

Alternative Press

“The Luck Of Eden Hall’s striking tilt at Love Is Only Sleeping by The Monkees... boasts the most convincingly swimmy tape phasing on the entire album! 4 STARS”

Marco Rossi - Record Collector Magazine

“The Luck of Eden Hall calibrate the Monkees ’love is only sleeping’ with a bliss tweaked power pop throb welded on with some seriously hairy way out wah wah hi-jinx”

"a very satisfying listening experience!"

"The Monkees also come in for some ROYAL treatment with The Luck of Eden Hall covering ‘Love is Only Sleeping’."

“USA based The Luck of Eden Hall, whose album When the Clock Starts to Wake Up We Go to Sleep was absolutely one of the best 60’s inspired psych albums last year, if you ask me. I really like a lot also their version of The Monkees track “Love Is Only Sleeping”.”

"beautiful melodies with psychedelic sounds"

Stephan Schelle - www.musikzirkus-magazin.de

“Just looking at the cover drawing of this album is an experience”

"a full dose of psychedelic rock!"

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