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The Locals / Press

"Front woman Yvonne Doll, bassist Christy Nunes, and new drummer Tommy Oerding have powerful stage chemistry that captivates the crowd"

"3 " From the Floor," which positively buzzes with sexy vocals, sinister bass, powerful drumming and one hell of a hook."

"It's Doll's powerful, evocative vocals and guitar that sets The Locals apart from your average, everyday Pop Pop ensemble"

"Music is like a mean girlfriend who is really hot,"

"Obvious skill occompanied by a punky attitude" -- Guitar Player Magazine "Top Female Musicians You Should Know"

"I simply love the style The Locals provide on Salt because it seems to be music that pushes along consistently while never letting up..."

Skope Staff - Skope Magazine

“Doll writes upbeat Pop Rock songs with great melodies and a dash of punk, but it's Doll's powerful,evocative voice that sets The Locals apart...”

“Yvonne Doll has a theory about music, about why she can't stay away and why, nearly 20 years in, she still lives to front The Locals. "Music is like a mean girlfriend who is really hot," cackles the singer. "The great reward is the feeling wh”

“Halfway between PJ Harvey and The Shirts...”

“The chorus to 'Away From Here' is epic”

"... Doll proves she has the alt-rock style of singers like Karen O, but also exhibits a unique blend of sultry sounds that definitely sets her apart and makes this track noteworthy. With a blend of old and new sounds and lyrics about letting go, the songs on “Salt” prove to be worthy contenders for Chicago indie anthems of summer ‘10...."

"They’ve got a polished rock sound and can even play through a show with two women making sweet, sweet love on Yvonne’s foot as she was singing and playing guitar. If that isn’t grace, I’m not sure what is. "

“The Locals never cease to thrill me. I mean really, how many bands do you know like this?They manage to walk the fine line between girl rock and raw, hyper-fueled, power pop and they do it with such finesse”


“The Locals light up each track on “Salt” with an energy that parallels that of early punk artists. There may only be four tracks on this EP, but I have no doubt that The Locals will continue to rock out and impress individuals over the course of an LP. Buy “Salt” and see where exactly the road takes the band in the next year; the frenetic energy held in each track will make seeing this band live something amazing. ”