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Pearl Woodin and The Lizabeth Sessions / Press

“Great song Pearl And Liz Bodwell - screaming guitars are top...like Neil Young / Blondie on punk acid...nice, and with the added softness of harmony backing vocals to pop it up and push it up to the edge...don't look down, it's just Anxiety...make that leap...”

Andy Tyler [The oOhz] - ReverbNation

“WRONGED. Stunning guitar intro. Lyrically superb. This has the passion and dynamism of a true love song. One that breaks your heart...picks you up..shakes you...says..LIFE IS FOR LOVIN'...so DO IT.”

Steve Inglis - ReverbNation

“Welcome Me Home will be Aired on TJ’s Muse Bridge 7-27-14 show starts at 10 pm GMT, 2 pm PT, 4 pm CT, 5 pm ET on Muse Boat Radio. Join us in the Chatroom http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia”

TJ Clark - Museboat Radio

“check this music out...it's got soul, depth and kick ass rocking licks just waiting for your every 'like' - The Lizabeth Sessions are just AWE and SOME!!! My regards and respect to them..andy theoOhz”

Andy Tyler [The oOhz] - ReverbNation

“Awaiting the arrival of ANXIETY! Until then digging into your treasure chest of gems. WRONG is so right! Vocals are spot on & guitars show no mercy! "Awaiting the arrival of the chosen one"...yeah baby! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Congrats and good luck with the next chapter in your life, so excited for the both of you. "Image Burn" is playing now through my headphones, you really do have such an intriguing sound, so very nice!!”

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation

“Intoxicating. This is utterly brilliant. Fantastic huge riff. You have a superb way of combining sheer power with melodic vocal. A musical tour de force.”

Steve Inglis - ReverbNation

"Intoxicating" is very well named | Liz, Pearl, you guys have some serious talent, lovely blues riffs abound :D

Ravenheart - ReverbNation

“hope u ladies have as beautiful a weekend as the music u make”

Mammsie Graham - ReverbNation

“In for another listen to the trending "Image Burn" this song sounds perfect coming through my headphones, you two were made to make music together, wow, what a sound!”

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation

“Listening to Wronged and Welcome Me Home...love the realness and rawness of the lyrics and delivery! Btw I love Broken English by Marianne! Your music has that quality that cuts to the core! I'm addicted! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Beautiful and Beloved. This is the icing on top of a wonderful cake. Your songs talk of deep love and just happen to be excellent Rock and Roll. I do LOVE your video. LOVE rules.”

SPECTRUM - ReverbNation

"Spirit of love" can for sure hear the Neil Young influence in this one, you two sure make some beautiful music, always giving us listeners a treat when we stop by here.

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation

“Emotive, evocative and totally Rockin'...gorgeous!”

The oOhz - ReverbNation

“wow, i must admit, when i saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse in your bio... i was like, uh, what? but darned if you don't sound like them! killer vocals, killer guitar, great songs... you have a new big fan, gals... ya boi derinho”

The Magneto Flobe/Maloa Warriors/"da boi" derinho - ReverbNation

“Simply had to hear Spirit Of Love again. Phenomenal solo and rhythm with rich vocals and impassioned lyrics! A winner indeed! Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation

“Liz's Song Springtime Of Her Life...EXCELLENT. All round fantastic playing. Superb guitar that captures from the start. It about love and evokes love in hopefully ALL listeners. TOP CLASS.”

Steve Inglis - ReverbNation

“Having another listen to "Spirit of Love", beautiful, impassioned words sang with great emotion, and I can never tire of hearing those guitar riffs in your songs!!”

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation

“Pearl you have outdone yourself once again. A most excellent love song to mark the occasion of a truly beautiful relationship. Take a bow Pearl. Liz’s Song is a great work of art indeed. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation

“CRAZY LOVE...this is MAGIC. So very well played. Love this pure Rock n Roll...love the guitar...love the vocals...okay...I just LOVE it all.”

Steve Inglis - ReverbNation

“Love the new video for Spirit of Love! It's not often that a musician has the courage to even attempt a one-off live performance and post it. I was sincerely affected by Pearl's performance. Inspired!”

SpEnt fiXer - ReverbNation

“Liz's song vid. Beautiful. I love this so much because there is so much love. Your a beautiful soul...and...erm..can I have your guitar please? ;)”

Steve Inglis - ReverbNation

“Another summer day meets the night, another day ends perfectly, accompanied by this wonderful track!!”

Pard Elektronica - ReverbNation

“rockin' out with "crazy love" gals... killer guitar licks... and the conviction in the vocals... making the lyrics come to life... too good... your huge fan, da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - ReverbNation

“TWO OF A KIND...kinda says it all. Only thing is...whats it doing way down the bottom...this is FANTASTIC. "the search for love"...you found it ;)”

Steve Inglis - ReverbNation

“Brilliant music, wonderful songwriting, great sound and lyrics, a voice that breaks every heart and a stunning guitar!! This session should never come to an end!!”

chordjacks - ReverbNation

“Listening to your awesome tunes today! Wronged is such a great song! I can relate to the lyrics of all your songs on so many levels. Keep writing and keep playing!”

Kat and The Canaries - ReverbNation

“Oh YES! I became a fan of your music!! It's amazing..the vocals=WOW, the guitars=WOW. Great and unique band!!”

chordjacks - ReverbNation

“Wronged is definitely right for you if you are interested in a tumult of heartfelt vocals, picturesque lyrics, fantastic rhythm and splendiferous catchy licks. Most exquisitely executed from start to finish. Take a bow. For you have surely done it again. Another masterpiece. The Lizabeth Sessions shines on.”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation

“Once I knew what chemistry meant, and how that makes you feel stronger in creating powerful music and how that affects your artistry. The sound of your wonderful voice took my breath away, and inspired me, and so did the music and your lovely bio.”

FiloZ - ReverbNation

“Welcome Me Home is a magnificent work of art. You've created a living tapestry. A veritable tumult of emotion spills forth from these lyrics. Very well written, invoking of the senses. The rhythm of the song is incredibly catchy. Vocals spot on. The solo you know I am a personal connoisseur of these, as I devour it greedily. This work of art is really something to be proud of you two. Your hard work shines through. Take a bow my friends. Simply fantastic! Your fan and friend until the end of time. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation

“Guess who's hitting "play all" this evening? I love Radiant Star soooooo much! Great vocals and so much great playing going on. Amazing performances. The lyrics, pure poetry! Pure Gold!”

SpEnt fiXer - ReverbNation

“Undeniable chemistry. Heartfelt lyrics and strong guitar work..u guys have a unique thing hapnin ;-)”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“Beautifully crafted songs, Lizabeth and Pearl. Real feeling in there.”

Joe Figg - ReverbNation

“love "radiant star" - could be one of the best songs by neil young, the tune and the sound! goosebumps! "beautiful and beloved" - sweet rock ballad, reminding me of patti smith. love you, beautiful people!”

sevenmileboots - ReverbNation

“Beautiful and Beloved is awesome, haunting, powerful, straight on, love it!”

Guerry Harbin - ReverbNation

“Keep rockin'. Feelin' Radiant Star tonight! Great song.”

Arthur Trexler - ReverbNation

“Crazy Love, eloquent words, with heavy rhythm and rockin riffs. Excellence. You both are masters at your craft. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation

“Very original !! This music is truly made from the soul, great band!! Excellent vocals excellent guitars!!”

motherlode - ReverbNation

“Great rock with a touch of country. We loved Welcome Me Home! Neil could have written this but no way could he have played it better. Pearl and Lizabeth rock!”

Big Dummies Blues Band - ReverbNation

“Welcome Me Home is another beautifully executed, dynamic work of art. Drawing the listener in with the impassioned lyrics and vocals. Completing the merry dance with most excellent guitar. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation

“had a listen to " beautiful and beloved " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, voice, lyrics and fine style..good stuff!”

Dean Jablonski - ReverbNation

“Thank you very much for sharing your poetry, your art and light!”

Leila Licks - ReverbNation

"Beautiful and Beloved" is a terrific song - as always, straight from the heart, professional with immaculate guitar and expressive vocal work. glad to be back on your page. Till the next time, love, Chris

Chris Ingram - ReverbNation

“Good songwriting! Spot on vocals!”

Kindred Spirit - ReverbNation

“Crazy Love is a most excellent tune. Beautiful expressive, impassioned lyrics and smokin, hot licks! Radiant Star is a stunningly beautiful composition. Fantastic lyrics, vocals & guitar. Great works! Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - ReverbNation