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The Langer's Ball / Press

“If you liked the Pogues in their 80s heyday, you'll like the Langers too.”

“‘The Devil or The Barrel’ finds The Langer’s Ball taking it to the next level and is one of the world’s best damn Celtic Rock releases”

“Showing no signs of stopping or slowing down…put your best dancing shoes on because The Langer’s Ball are in town and there’s no excuse for sitting down. (TLB) are swigging Jameson’s and writing some of the best Celtic punk you may ever listen to”

“love the album, great instrumentation, great song selection, great presentation & real music played really really well!!!”

“Holy hot damn, this is good...some of the best I've ever heard!”

"Straight ahead, no-frills Irish ballads with just a hint of razor blades, safety pins and American rock 'n' roll"

“Woo Hoo! Awesome Band!...Seriously, I feel justified in telling you to check out The Langer’s Ball post haste, with alacrity, right freaking now.”

“we now have a great young Celtic Trad. duo putting down some really good tunes... with both strong vocals and skillful instrumentation. This is great pub music… Cheers to Langer’s Ball for sending me their disc. It was very refreshing.”

"Try to catch them while you can still get a seat close to the stage."

"Another great band from the Great Lakes, The Langer's Ball"

“Michael Sturm and Hannah Rediske are incredibly gifted instrumentalists...As I Roved Out is a tremendous example of their hard work and dedication to the craft, and I stand amazed.”