The Julian Day / Press

“This is freaking' amazing guys, love it… Just had to listen to all your trax again! They're full of all the elements in sound that I love. BRILLIANT! Your Music Feeds My Soul. Respect, ”

"Your music is the absolute perfect catalyst to inspire new thinking within the Occupy [Movement] and the perfect fuel to keep it going. You may have found your exponentially-expanding 'niche' :-) Congratulations and much success gents!"

“Thank you for your email and music....I had a listen and its very good....and your website is also good. The problem for me ..as with other small labels..is that we do not have the money to promote an artist or band.... Your music is well done and recorded....I would not be afraid to aim a little higher...look towards a larger label...and work out a budget for what you need....I am honoured that you sent me your music....please do keep in touch and let me know how you get on.....peace always...Will.”

"Listening to The Julian Day’s catalog, I discovered that this was not a band that conformed to any traditional playbook. None of their songs are by any means traditional. While their eclecticism may not be everyone, it is part of the charm that makes this band worth listening to. It’s difficult to draw comparisons with any other artist, as The Julian Day has certainly created a sound they can call their own."

"NY indie rock sound of the future." Read about them: http://t.co/4gg5U4w

“So honored to be on this musical journey with such amazing musicians and souls as yourself!”

"If you are planning on touring through NYC and are looking to book a show, let me know. I would be interested in placing you on one of my nights."

“Love it! Exotic, interesting, unique! Art in music!”

Symbolism Group - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Shahràzàd Tales

"We dig your sound. We’d be honored to play your songs here on IMRadio... awesome talent"

"Some great tunes here. nice production work."

The Monks of Sex - Alternative, NY

"hey guys great stuff! very creative!"

alt./indie band - march into paris

"I was instantly drawn into your haunting, trance-like beautiful sound & profound lyrics."

“Thanks also for The Julian Day, an amazing music artist, who has kindly agreed to sell a piece of their work' The Tide' on iTunes donating all proceeds to the TCV.”

"Wow - fantastic :) :) :) that is wonderful! :)"

"Strong distinctive sound and blend of west/east, old/new, melody/poetry ... a real pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to hearing more."

Greg Charles/A Nice Vibe, San Francisco - Reverbnation

“Re: Commercial Radio Test Results We have had the opportunity to review as well as radio test market your submission. As you can see from the results below, we have received some wonderful response from radio on your music. This in turn will give you a recommended level towards a commercial radio promotion/marketing campaign. At this time we recommend you conduct a national radio campaign which would increase your visibility.”

Loggins Promotion - Loggins Promotion

“[Your music] has a great deal of eclectisism... it has it's own unique brand and appeal Beyond any question.”

KB - Hip Hop World 100