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"Johnny Outlaw" and The Johnson Creek S... / Press

“Overall, "Honky Tonker" is the real deal. An album from a no frills, no bullshit hillbilly band. The only thing I hope for, is that these guys find their crowd. They may be "too country" for some, and that is a shame, because, country is what we all love. I truly hope there is a market for these guys, cause they deserve it. I would love to see Johnny Outlaw and the Johnson Creek Stranglers in a rowdy honky tonk in the middle of nowhere playing for good ol' down home folks, because that is where they belong. This is the band you imagine performing at "Bob's Country Bunker", getting the crowd into a ruckus and raising some hell. You guys all look for "real" Country, well you got it in Johnny Outlaw and the Johnson Creek Stranglers.”

“Now that the dust has settled. WOW what a great show. The neigborhood is still a Buzz about the Stranglers. Thanks to all our guests, and thanks to Supr Dragon for the awsome pictures. It was nice to have you as a guest. In closing, on...e of the most touching things happened yesterday. One of our neigbors came over and let us know how much her and her husbund enjoyed the music. You see her husbund is real sick, and cant get out . Je just loved the music, and it really made their day. Some times those kind of things make it all the better. Thanks JCS”

Randy Hauth - Randy Hauth

"The Best darn Hillbilly/Outlaw Country show I have seen!"

“The stranglers take over a Community College”

“Outlaw Hellbilly Country at the hawthorne”