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The Honored Guests / Press

“As ever with covers, the best are those that bring something different to the track, particularly a newly twanging M62 Song (Doves) by North Carolina's Honored Guests.”

“...a small but unmistakable step forward in the band's lush, melancholy indie-pop. This is a graceful showing, more casual and confident than its predecessors, and as engaging as any of them.”

“Sure, the album suggests The Flaming Lips' Soft Bulletin with its richly layered songs, oddly shaped and resolutely catchy arrangements and dreamy countenance. But rather than being infused with hope, Please Try Again comes shadowed by a sense of frustration and dissipation, tracing a psyche at war with itself. ”

“...one of the most beautiful, mystical, and amazing moments in the past five years of indie music...”

“Listening to Into Nostalgia, the latest EP from Chapel Hill’s The Honored Guests, is like waking and finding you’re in someone’s memory of your life. Gauzy and multi-layered, the lyrics, vocal styling and music on Into Nostalgia combine to create a dreamlike experience you’re happy to live in for a while. ”

“...this EP shows that the Guests, whether writing solo or in unison, haven't lost any of their magic during the long wait for the successor to Tastes Change.”

“an extraordinary experience of melodies, beats and rhythms. Bagget’s vocals are a well-manicured mix of calm and soothing tones with aggressive and articulate lyrics.”

"Reflective and graceful, with any solo-project temerity masked by generous arrangements, Into Nostalgia is, I hope, an ironic indicator of a strong (and expedited, please) future."

“It's just so damned pretty that sometimes I wonder if I can stand to keep listening.”

"...It is a precarious dance that The Honored Guests are leading us into, as they are attempting to do two things which so many bands struggle to do independently: they aim to produce rollicking rock songs, yet they still want to create a tonal atmosphere that will affect the listener on more than just the surface."

Jack Pereira - Harmonium

“ "...So here we have another talented band sprung from the fertile Chapel Hill music scene, borrowing freely from both sides of the Atlantic for inspiration, and savvy to the truth that doing things independently is just about the only way nowadays to do exactly what you want."”

Smokey Mountain News

"...peaks and troughs in the album's energy take the listener on a sonic ride that doesn't leave time for distractions.

The Daily Tarheel

"...If Baggett was wearing flannel in the vocal booth last time, he sounds like he's dressed to impress this time, suited up in sartorial British threads and singing for the stars."

Grayson Currin - Independent Weekly

"...For Tastes Change, this Chapel Hill, NC quartet has expanded - morphed might be the term - into a band that has outdone the awe I initially proclaimed on Iawokeinacityasleep."

Slightly Confusing For A Stranger