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“Speaking of mind expanding! After the film attendees will be treated to a special post-screening performance by our mystically minded pals tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt. The HIL are fresh off the release of their new double-LP ASCEND and as long-time MES supporters you can expect them to bring their absolute a-game to their set. You won't find an evening this strange anywhere else in our fair city kiddos so saddle up and help MES ring in the new year with the first in a new film series we're calling FORGOTTEN FLICKS. Just 5 BUCKS!!!! As ever join us early for an MES Preshow chock full of wacky VHS era goodness and a fine (and reasonably priced) selection of beers from our buds at Barking Legs Theater. It's good to be back. We've missed you. ”

“The Hearts in Light will mark the release of its new double vinyl album, Ascend, on Saturday, Dec. 8, during a performance at Barking Legs Theater. “To my knowledge we are the first Chattanooga band to ever release a double vinyl which was completely engineered, recorded, produced and mastered in the Scenic City,” said Kyle Malone, who fronts the band with his wife, Stacey Sausa, plus bassist Seth Ferguson. Malone describes the 22-track album as “new age/exotic pop song-cycle with radio-friendly and dance-pop singles weaving the album together and making it a combination of experimental new age and tribal-sounding synth tracks, as well as easily accessible pop singles—something like the Beach Boys’ Smile or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.””

“The 93-minute, 22-track double album (on both CD and vinyl) Ascend from Chattanooga’s The Hearts in Light— centered on the husband-and-wife duo of Kyle Malone and Stacey Sausa, plus bassist Seth Ferguson—is a virtually unclassifiable beast: a song-cycle featuring a new age spirituality, a pro-environment attitude, a fiercely anti-authoritarian political stance, a science fiction love story, an obsession with dolphins, and mystical prophecies surrounding the year 2012...Undoubtedly, the group has sweated over the making of this album, and they deserve kudos for presenting their own unique vision clearly; one can’t help but admire their spunk, and among the album’s noteworthy features are a willingness to explore and Sausa’s pretty soul-pop vocals...The Hearts in Light will play a record release show for Ascend on Saturday, Dec 8, at Barking Legs Theater.”

“Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for the tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt, Malone spent more than a year in his home studio, Spiritual Peacock Studios, mixing the 22 tracks that would make up the album. But, as of Saturday, Dec. 8, it will all pay off. The band is throwing an album release party at Barking Legs Theater beginning at 8 p.m…“To my knowledge, we are the first Chattanooga band to ever release a double vinyl which was completely engineered, recorded, produced and mastered in the Scenic City,” Malone said…“'Ascend' was a labor of love.”...“I would describe 'Ascend' as an exotic and futuristic, new-age, electronic pop record…experimental and advanced electronic music with accessible, radio-friendly pop songs…" The concept of the album is ascension—the idea of the human consciousness having the potential of evolving to a higher plane of spirituality. It also tackles environmentalism, revolution, extraterrestrials, ancient civilizations and mythology.”

“My favorite will be Indie Night watching local favorites Land Camera, Raenbow Station and The Hearts In Light...The Hearts in Light is another one of my favorite locals that is finally getting some of the attention they deserve this year. This is a two-piece band that consists of Kyle Malone and Stacey Sausa. They make beautiful-sounding pop music that tethers both the experimental and visual aspects. Having attended some of their more intimate shows, I can tell you that the band always thinks of how their music matches up with their visuals. Thus, to me, it will be really interesting to see how this translates onto a bigger stage at Track29. Stacey has really impressed me with her vocal skills, and Kyle has impressed me in the way he takes his psychedelic sounds to levels I couldn't imagine. I can't wait to see where they take the sound next year.”

“In the past, political messages and music were close bedfellows. Local duo The Hearts in Light want to help shift the spotlight back to music with meaning and away from the comparatively shallow work of artists who dominate the charts. "I don't judge anyone who listens to Lady Gaga or Beyoncé -- whatever floats your boat -- but it seems like our society is kind of flooded with sort of background entertainment," said singer/instrumentalist/producer Kyle Malone. "The world is getting crazier, and I think it's important for artists to address those issues," said Stacey Sausa, Malone's wife and the band's co-founder...Both said they care about writing music that matters...addressing issues ranging from the economic recession to widespread revolution in the Middle East..."We just want to make music for the heart," Malone said. "For me, if I can speak to someone's heart and make them have a better day and think about changing the world, I've definitely succeeded in what I want to do."”

“On the opposite side of the naughty/nice divide, there’s tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt (soundcloud.com/theheartsinlight), a group that combines a new wave sound with a more current electro-pop style on its pristinely recorded mini-album Summer Hearts and Dolphin Death Dreams. With the songwriting core duo of multi-instrumentalists Kyle Malone and Stacey Sausa, bassist Seth Ferguson, and drummer Beau Bridges, the band layers rich synth chords and 8-bit electronics with an earnest, personal spirituality and joie de vivre.”

“The 10th installment of the Manifest arts showcase will feature DJ Flannel Boy and The Hearts in Light tonight at The Camp House, 1427 Williams St. DJ Flannel Boy, one of the city's most eclectic and well-versed DJs, specializes in electro, breakbeat and other dance-oriented genres. A variety of his mixes can be found online. Headlining will be The Hearts in Light. This electro-pop/rock band released its debut album, "Summer Hearts and Dolphin Death Dreams," earlier this year. The group's live show is described as "visually ambitious." Members are producer/songwriter Kyle Malone, songwriter Stacey Sausa and guitarist/bassist Seth Ferguson.”

“Collective Clothing has been a staple in the St. Elmo community providing the neighborhood with a great place to shop for clothing and other neat items. This year, Collective grew in a big way and expanded to include a warehouse which is host to many different indie rock concerts and movie showcases. This showcase is a music video premier of local visual rock band, tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt. The band has a solid sound and incorporates a lot of visual elements into their performance putting you into a focused trance on their music and vocalist. I would highly recommend watching them once to see what they are all about.”

“I highly recommend checking out some of the bands highlighted below that get little to no recognition in the Chattanooga music scene. Among my favorites—tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt, Elk Milk, Dolphin Mouth, Moonlight Bride and The Darren Johnson Effort are hitting it hard this week. I am mainly highlighting this event because I feel like tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve. This two-piece features a female vocalist, and their music is best described as a nice blend of chillwave and pop. Both performers are extremely talented songwriters and this group is the one to watch for this show.”

"Saturday is a special event dubbed Manifest Presents, showcasing Two People Playing Music...They will be sharing the bill with Chattanooga band The Hearts In Light, whose debut album is to be released this year. For each show, doors open at 8p.m. and performances begin at 9."

Chattanooga Times Free Press: "Manifest Stretches into Two Nights"